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Managed IT Services Pricing

Managed Services Pricing 

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have an ongoing challenge managing their computing needs; they need to reduce their IT overhead while improving reliability. For most SMBs, it’s not cost-effective to maintain a full-time IT staff, and even if there is an IT team on site they can’t address every computing challenge.

Luckily, managed service providers (MSPs) can step in and provide routine IT services such as systems monitoring and backup, and emergency services such as disaster recovery, more cost-effectively and efficiently. However, there are different types of MSPs, each with a unique set of services and pricing models. As an SMB owner, you have to identify the type of company that best meets your needs, and the pricing model that best suits your budget.

Our premier end-to-end managed IT services solution focuses on your people, not just your hardware. Each of our TECKcare editions include support from the desktop to the server, and everything in-between.


How Does Managed IT Services Help My Business?

  • Accurately Predict IT Support Costs
  • Gain Access to Highly specialized IT Experts
  • Get More Time to Focus on Your Business
  • Security & Compliance
  • Increase Profitability
  • Reduce Labor Costs
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