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Natural disasters are not the only reason for data loss. Natural disasters cause only 3% of the cases of catastrophic data loss to businesses. The other 97% of which are caused by hardware-software failures and other issues, all of which can usually be prevented by the use of an on-site BDR. For that reason, real-time replication to an on-site BDR device is one of the best ways to protect your business-critical data and prevent downtime. If your company has a BDR, you will be able to rest easy knowing no matter what happens, your IT systems, servers and critical business applications will be highly available.

Our Overview

Backup & Disaster Recovery by TeckPath

As IT systems have become increasingly critical to the smooth operation of a company, and arguably the economy as a whole, the importance of ensuring the continued operation of those systems, and their rapid recovery, has increased. For example, of companies that had a significant loss of business data, 43% never reopen and 29% close within two years. As a result, preparation for the continuation or recovery of systems earnest attention seriously.  A significant investment of time and money to ensure minimal losses in the event of a disruptive event is crucial.

Disaster Recovery

At TeckPath, we understand that our customers aren’t just buying our services based on features alone. They choose us because they connect with our purpose and the driving force behind our work. We are passionate about helping businesses succeed through technology, and this passion is the foundation of everything we do.

Save money

When any kind of disaster strikes, the costs can very quickly get out of control. Whether rebuilding your business or the internal network infrastructure, if the contingency plan is not in place, it is going to hit the bank account hard. The primary reasons most businesses that suffer significant data loss, or other IT related problems have such a difficult if time making a full recovery.

Mitigate losses

There is more at stake than your network infrastructure. When you have a disaster recovery plan in place, you will be in a position to deal with several related problems. The loss of critical data can cripple your business continuity plan, but it can also cause people or clients to lose confidence in your company and how you do business. TeckPath Information Technology Solutions helps prepare a plan for you early, and you can protect essential things.

Reduce confusion

A major disaster in any company can cause severe damage, chaos and confusion as everyone scrambles around to try and fix the problem. If you have a documented plan that’s formalized, studied, reviewed, and practiced, you will be in a better position to overcome the disaster and get back to work. TeckPath Information Technology Solutions brings a PROACTIVE approach to every plan.


Some industries are required by the government to have a formalized disaster recovery plan and mostly designed back up their valuable and sensitive materials off-site. Not every company has to deal with these regulations, but it does, however, show how vital these precautionary measures are if the day and day out deal with sensitive information.

TECKPATH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS can help protect your company from becoming a statistic.

Teckpath’s TECKcare Plan is in place to protect companies from data loss and the stoppage of business continuity.

Features & Benefits

Protect against data loss and unwanted down-time

Instant local server failover and recovery

Fully managed and monitored turnkey disaster recovery solution

Complementary NAS on-premise backup

Cloud backup only on Certified Canadian Data-centers

All data centers HIPPA Certified & 100% Canadian

Enterprise Grade Dell PowerEdge Server Hardware

All XEON Processors used with RAID-5 or RAID-10 Storage Configurations

Includes on-site hardware and software warranty and support

Compatible with Hyper-v, VMware, Citrix and Windows Physical or Virtual Servers

Backup & Disaster Recovery

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