Mobile Endpoint Security

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Within every organization, phones and tablets are used for corporate networks and systems. Since these devices hold so much sensitive corporate data, it becomes essential to secure every other endpoint in the business.

We aim to guide you towards a safer digital future by managing the endpoints that access your business‘s systems and data.

Need For Protecting Mobile Endpoints

The need for mobile endpoint security has increased for organizations ever since the sudden shift towards remote work. This has accelerated the adoption of mobile devices which helps to stay connected, conduct video conferences, and transfer critical knowledge even when miles apart.

Simultaneously, the sophistication and volume of cybersecurity threats have steadily grown which makes mobile devices the most vulnerable endpoints in the corporate workspace.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Redefining Mobile Security

AI and Machine learning have been a boon for the world of mobile security. It is used as a key method for predicting, detecting, and quickly responding to malware attacks and abnormal events. Machine Learning algorithms and rules based on security and privacy rules restrict or log unsafe actions of an app.

Using machine learning to understand behavioural patterns, time of login, geolocation, and many other factors are proving to be an effective way of controlling and securing access to endpoints. Performing real-time scans of all business processes is another way how AI is improving endpoint security.

Explore TeckPath Mobile Security

TeckPath Mobile Endpoint Solutions easily integrates with the existing IT architecture. The resulting protection platform ensures that users remain productive and connected while enabling zero-day malware before it can begin to infect the first endpoint in your business.

The mobile endpoint security services include these key components: