Cyber Security Risk Management

Cyber Security Risk Management

The internet and related technologies are constantly evolving…and so are the threats related to the online ecosystem.

Businesses all over the world agree that cyber breaches are the single most devastating threat to their business operations. When a company suffers a breach, the damage to its business cannot be measured in terms of money alone.

In such a scenario, the best way to protect your business against such threats is to adopt a proactive, risk-based approach to cyber threat management. And Teckpath can be your ideal partner on this journey.

Our Work Process

Here at Teckpath, we use a continuous vigilance-based approach to cybersecurity risk management. By regularly reviewing your risk landscape and taking steps to modify measures accordingly, we ensure that your business stays protected against unauthorized access.

As a direct result of our risk-based approach, any and all cyber-security measures we implement are tailored to your business’s needs. This means you’re not going to waste resources and time running after threats that don’t have any relevance to your organization.

Here’s a brief overview of the steps that we follow in order to manage your unique cyber risks:

Risks, Threats, And Vulnerability Identification

While many cybersecurity management firms don't differentiate between the above, we do. By carefully categorizing risks, threats and vulnerabilities, we cover all bases for your business's cybersecurity.

Individual Risk Analysis And Impact Assessment

Not all risks are created equal; that's why they shouldn't be treated equally either. We prioritize and assess risks on an individual basis and gauge their impact on your security landscape.

Risk Appetite Based Evaluation

Not every business likes to handle risks in the same way. We take care to include your risk appetite in the mix and evaluate security steps as per your needs.

Risk Categorization And Prioritization

This step can be carried out in tandem with risk analysis. Here, we categorize and prioritize risks as per their severity, and tackle them accordingly.

Decision Regarding Risk Response

Once we've established your set of risks, we then take decisions regarding how to respond to each. This is a vital step that's determined by your risk appetite to a large extent.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring is a vital part of the cyber risk management process. Our experts keep a close eye on your cyber systems to ensure foolproof security.

Periodic Review And Assessment

The cyber threat landscape changes faster than most businesses can keep track of. We guarantee iron-clad security through periodic reviews and assessments of your cybersecurity infrastructure. This seven-step process allows us to create a risk management system that's reliable, flexible, and effective.