Email Security

Email Security

As email threats continue to grow stronger by tricking organizations, many businesses have realized that the built-in traditional security tools are not enough to protect against current attacks.

Varies industries have tried to combat and make efforts to block malicious emails and other variations of such email-based attacks that dodge out-of-date anti-virus software programs. The strength of such attacks is growing which is extremely problematic and can be damaging to businesses.

Artificial Intelligence At Work

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, the face of email security has fundamentally changed. In recent years, significant changes have been made using the application of AI tools. With the behaviour-based security analytics systems, it has been able to successfully create an effective layer of defence mechanism.

Advanced threats like ransomware, targeted spear phishing, and zero-day attacks are no longer a scare for the companies that deploy innovative real-time protection-powered AI technology.

Transform Your Email Security

At TeckPath, our email security solutions revolutionize the way of managing and monitoring email security systems. Our proactive approach helps to overcome top email security challenges.

Spam Filtering

Spams have become an ever-increasing threat to the email infrastructure.

Our tools offer tight security for incoming spam, unwanted messages and ensure business continuity even during downtime.

Phishing Attacks

Our predictive learning tools and technologies stop phishing links and emails from reaching inboxes and stop all illegal attempts to acquire your credentials or other private details.

At TeckPath, we help you weed out any phishing attempts like ransomware attacks, extortion, and gift card scams.

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Malware Protection

Malware and ransomware attacks can lead to data corruption and loss. Our Behaviour Detection Technology thoroughly scans all files and folders to spot and remove riskware, spyware, and many other possible threats in your system.

Sensitive Data Encryption

Today’s sophisticated attacks trick users to share sensitive account details and deceive even the most security-aware clients. Our data encryption services follow email authentication protocols designed to ensure that only authentic mail reaches the customer.

Email Security

When we partner with you, our team of experts will undertake the responsibility of assisting with the setup, ongoing monitoring, and maintenance required to keep your emails infrastructure safe and secure.

Say goodbye to any emerging risks and enable a new and improved email and cybersecurity system with TeckPath!