Managed Detection & Response

Managed Detection & Response

With the growth in cloud solutions and remote working culture, companies are facing a rising concern towards security and visibility provided via traditional network security controls. This called for a more focused endpoint protection solution that works as an advanced 24/7 security control.

TeckPath Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Services combine innovative analytics and threat intelligence in incident investigation and provide 24×7 critical alert check-ups.

They are carefully designed to protect your assets and data even if a hazard dodges other organizational security control measures.

Our services provide higher skill-level analysts who utilize cutting-edge security tools that are beyond the reach and cost-effectiveness of most enterprise budgets. Thus, ensuring competitiveness and pace with the continually evolving techniques and tactics.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, TeckPath’s managed endpoint security services offer –

And, much more!
Managed Detection & Response

Benefits of Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Round The Clock Service

With our 24×7 comprehensive Endpoint Threat Detection and Response service, we offer IT infrastructure protection day and night.

Clients can relax and take a breather when away from work, safe in the knowledge that if threat strikes, our team is watching with an eagle’s eye.

Real-Time Alerts

Our real-time alerts allow us to react immediately to uncover potential attacks and stop breaches to minimize risk and associated costs. With threat intelligence and proactive hunting expertise, you can be assured that your infrastructure is being constantly monitored.

Forensics and Investigations

There is no compromise when trying to identify the origin of the breach. We utilize automated AI-guided in-depth investigations to identify the impact and intent of malicious threats.

Our professionals provide tailored recommendations to minimize potential damage and enhance future security capabilities.

Integration With Existing IT Operations

(EDR) Services integrate with your existing security technologies to better understand your business’s DNA.

This leaves us in a better position and the ability to respond to an attack instantly. The greater visibility ensures no degree of risk escapes the perimeter of our defenses.