Publication Policy

Publication Policy

1. Scope

This Publication Policy (the “Policy”) applies to all written materials produced for, including articles, blogs, product reviews, forum posts, and any other types of content.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to set clear guidelines to ensure that all published content aligns with TeckPath’s vision, maintains a high standard of quality, and respects legal and ethical obligations.

3. Quality and Accuracy

All content must be factually accurate, well-researched, and provide value to our readers. Sources should be properly cited and, where appropriate, linked. All content must be proofread and edited to ensure grammatical correctness and readability.

4. Originality

All content published on must be original. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and any authors found to be plagiarizing will face immediate consequences. All submitted work may be run through plagiarism detection software.

5. Tone and Style

Content should be written in a style that is informative, engaging, and accessible to a wide audience. The tone should be professional yet friendly, without technical jargon where possible. Consistency in voice and style across all publications is vital.

6. Relevance

Content must be relevant to the fields of technology, IT solutions, cybersecurity, or other related topics that align with TeckPath’s mission and would be of interest to our readers.

7. Non-Promotion

Content should be non-promotional and unbiased. Authors may not use TeckPath as a platform to promote personal or other businesses, products, or services. Sponsored content or affiliate marketing must be clearly marked as such and must meet all the same quality, accuracy, and relevance standards.

8. Authorship

Authors should be correctly attributed, with a brief biography and photo (where appropriate) included in the publication.

9. Legal and Ethical Standards

All content must comply with applicable laws, including copyright, defamation, and privacy laws. Additionally, content must adhere to high ethical standards. Any conflicts of interest must be disclosed.

10. Right to Edit

TeckPath reserves the right to edit any submitted content for clarity, style, length, or other reasons. However, changes to the content’s substantive meaning or intent will not be made without the author’s permission.

11. Policy Compliance

Failure to comply with this Policy may result in content being rejected, removed, or authors being prevented from submitting future content.

12. Updates to the Policy

TeckPath reserves the right to update or modify this Publication Policy at any time. Authors are encouraged to review the Policy periodically to ensure they are aware of any changes.

By submitting content for publication on, authors agree to abide by this Publication Policy.