What Is Managed IT Services?
Managed IT Services is proactive service delivery and strategic practice that takes into account the management and maintenance of network security, on-premise and cloud infrastructure systems and application patching, and backup and disaster recovery services to help organizations remain efficient, operational and competitive while keeping costs down and increasing productivity

Choose TeckPath’s Managed IT Services and avail the benefits of proactive IT support, reliable technology infrastructure and a secured and agile business.

TeckPath Managed IT Services provides peace of mind while monitoring and maintaining network IT Infrastructure, desktops, devices, cloud environments, and much more.

Expertise in optimizing your applications, on-premise and cloud infrastructure while driving innovation and productivity as part of our Core-Managed IT Services Offering.

Tailor-Made All-Round Managed IT Services For Businesses Seeking Seamless Growth

Welcome to the end of your search for every IT help you need!

At Teckpath, we deploy teams of handpicked IT professionals who provide all-around Support and Monitoring for your digital systems along with Cyber Security Assessment, Endpoint Detection and Response, Backup and Disaster Recovery, and much more!

Not to forget, you get all of this at a fixed monthly rate!

Why Does Your Business Need Managed IT Services?

If you are an organization that relies on IT infrastructure, be it cloud-based or in-house, you need 24/7 monitoring and access to experts to solve any hitch before they arise!

Even small mismanagement of your IT systems can cost you time and money. With Techpath by your side, all such problems will be managed instantly, and all future problems will be detected and dealt with beforehand!

We don’t just promise efficient system management and absolute data protection, but we also bring you the peace of mind you deserve. So, the only thing you need to think about is how to grow your business and not the backend ever misfiring.

What Does Our Managed IT Services Include?

The Teckpath team will discuss your process in-depth and provide you with all of the following services as required in a package format with fixed monthly payments!

You get:

  • IT Support World-class and instantaneous support for all latest systems, including upgrades wherever required.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: All your online and offline systems will be under constant quality checks to detect and resolve any problems before they arise.
  • Cyber Security Assessment: Your data is safe in our hands, and we will readily ensure you meet all necessary compliance regulations.
  • Endpoint Detection and Response: We prefer to detect threats beforehand and deal with them using cutting-edge technology.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Choose our secure cloud storage facilities, and you will never have to worry about loss of data ever again.
  • Quick Access to IT and Cyber Security Experts: Whenever you need us, our experts will be there, 24x7x365!
Why Choose Teckpath’s Managed IT Services?
  • We provide you with dedicated IT experts who understand your process and work with you.
  • All our services are tailor-made, so you get to choose a customized package.
  • We give you access to cutting-edge data protection standards.
  • You never have to worry about rising costs; it will always be fixed monthly payments.
How Businesses Benefit From Managed IT Services

Your business can benefit from trained and experienced engineers working around the clock actively maintaining and monitoring your network, so your business runs at its maximum efficiency. You can allow yourself to focus on growth and commercial success while leaving IT and Security to the TeckPath team to protect your systems from any future cyber threats or malware that could crumble your processes.

Our Managed IT Services Offerings

TeckPath Managed IT service helps in boosting business network performance and instills productivity into your company’s IT environment. TeckPath Managed IT Services offerings include:

Managed IT Services
Fast Service and Response Time
We believe that a business should never face downtime or any technical difficulties. Our quick response time helps in preventing potential threats become worse and turning into a costly affair that may affect employee productivity. Whether it’s a busy season or a basic routine day, our eagle-eye response experts are always on their toes to take necessary actions and neutralize even the most advanced threats.
Fast service and response time
Site Maintenance and 24/7 Support
Site Maintenance and 24/7 SupportOur 24/7 Support Team is always available to address your ongoing site maintenance and support requirements via regular management of networks and systems that keep your desktops and servers up and downtime rate low. In addition, we offer a full range of services like hardware/software installation and maintenance, data backups, cloud computing, and risk recovery that eliminates the need to build an in-house IT division from scratch.
Daily Backups and Cloud Services
Daily Backups and Cloud Services
When you choose TeckPath as your offsite backup solution provider, you will get the benefit of daily data backups that store malware-free copies of your files for safety. We will never compromise on your data security and protect it at a secondary location offsite to get you back up and running in no time. With our cloud-based services, you will be able to access critical files from anywhere and anytime. Our comprehensive solutions protect your applications and data cost-effectively and securely.
Security Testing and Monitoring
TeckPath utilizes the right tools and best practices to manage, plan, implement, monitor, and complete audit data and network security. We provide tailored services to secure the whole business system and network from viruses and ransomware to cyber-attacks. In addition, our Security Testing and Monitoring Team can anticipate and prevent any unauthorized access, misuse, or theft of confidential data that can wreak havoc and bring productivity to a standstill.
Daily Backups and Cloud Services
Email Security
With the rise of the digital world and remote working, data threats like phishing, spam, email fraud, and viruses have also emerged. Our tech experts are always working on spam filtering, data encryption, and attachment scanning. In addition, TeckPath’s powerful email gateway platform will identify and alert you in case of any malicious activity occurring in your business network. We are constantly monitoring any rapidly evolving email threats before they affect your employees and critical data.
Business Continuity
Our business continuity services ensure that you stay in the game even in case of any unforeseen hardware and network failure. With our time-tested business continuity processes and tools, we can ensure business sustenance, efficient and secure communications, and networking solutions. In addition, we work on crafting future-ready techniques that help to continue business operations and core profitability functions even in case of downtime.
Daily Backups and Cloud Services
Annual IT Budget Planning
As your managed service provider, we will assist in your technology planning and IT budgeting for the future. Our years of experience will help you get the most out of your IT budget and look for ways to save your money and improve technology efficiency to boost your company’s success. In addition to lowering your capital expenditures, we will create a strategic vision and lay down a suggested infrastructure and technology blueprint for the future based on your company goals.
Third-Party Vendor Partnerships
One of the advantages of using our TeckPath managed services is vendor management, which means handling your third-party applications and technology providers for you. As a result, saving you a lot of time and effort from tracking down multiple vendors for service and support.
How TeckPath Managed IT Services Can Help

With TeckPath Managed IT Services, you get to enjoy the full force of an IT Department at just a fraction of the cost. We are equipped to keep vital systems and networks run at maximum capacity by deploying an extremely robust and well-tuned automated system. In addition, following a proactive approach, our 24/7 monitoring, reporting, and issue resolution strategies can help clients detect any issues in their network.

We have managed to delight clients across a wide spectrum of industries worldwide with our skills and expertise that no in-house IT department could match.


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