Business Continuity Management

No matter the size of your business, disaster can strike at any time without warning. And the worst thing about a business that’s facing a massive outage is that it harms the regular operation and takes a toll on the business’s credibility.

If your Calgary business is not ready for the next data breach or similar disasters, talk to TeckPath Business Continuity Management experts today. We can help your business remain functional even after it has faced a severe disaster.


The Essentiality Of Business Continuity Management

Business continuity is one of the essential considerations that every modern business should keep in mind. However, there are many businesses here in Calgary and the rest of the world, which have no idea about business continuity management. So, what is it exactly?

Put in simple terms; Business Continuity Management is the process of ensuring that a business’s most critical functions can be carried out even in the event of a disaster. Such disasters can include natural calamities like floods, fires, and earthquakes, damaging your business’s critical infrastructure.

It can also include incidents such as a data breach, website hack, or similar cyber lapses. In all cases, the task of the Business Continuity Management Team is to ensure that your business activity doesn’t stop completely.

It’s important to understand that Business Continuity Management doesn’t just try to prepare your organization for situations that may bring all your business operations to a standstill. It also works to guard against events that have the potential to disrupt your regular business function.


Important Inclusions In Business Continuity Management

Since Business Continuity Management prepares an organization for a time of emergency, it must include multiple considerations in its operation. Some of these include:

  • Communicating with all associated stakeholders such as customers and business partners
  • Ensuring how products/services can be provided to customers without interruption
  • Supporting employees during the emergency
  • Using workaround processes in the absence of required technologies
  • Documenting the entire process for future reference

Steps In The Business Continuity Management Process

At TeckPath, we take a comprehensive approach to tackling and ensuring Business Continuity. Here's a glimpse of the steps that we follow:


We begin with a thorough assessment of what is and is not critical for the operation of your business.

Recovery Plans

This includes all plans and workarounds to be implemented while the disaster effects continue or until the required resources are available again.

Crisis Management

In this step, we implement and follow a detailed plan to help the organization navigate a crisis event.


Best Business Continuity Management In Calgary

TeckPath is your one-stop solution to all business continuity management problems in Calgary. Just place a call to us, and we’ll ensure that your business remains up and running even during times of crisis.

With TeckPath by your side, you’ll never have to worry about a sudden disaster upending your business. So, don’t wait for the worst to happen. Instead, take advanced steps to safeguard your business with TeckPath.