Celebrates 12 Years of Innovation and Service

Founded in June 2012, TeckPath embarked on a mission to revolutionize IT and business practices through strategic partnership-based managed IT services. From a one-man basement operation, we've grown into a thriving company, thanks to our commitment, resilience, and the unwavering support of our clients, friends, families, and our strategic business partners and vendors.

TeckPath 12th Year Anniversary

Humble Beginnings and Early Challenges

Starting from a basement office, our first hire joined us there, working tirelessly to meet client expectations despite financial uncertainties. By 2014, we began to gain traction with a steady increase in clients and referrals. However, the prolonged recession driven by low commodity prices from 2014 to 2017 posed our first major challenge.

During this period, our clients expressed satisfaction with our services but struggled to make payments. Understanding their plight, we paused payments where possible, allowing them to pay us back once their businesses recovered. This decision proved immensely successful as our clients’ businesses bounced back and they were able to repay us.

Navigating New Challenges

When COVID-19 hit, we faced an overwhelming demand for our services. Armed with past experience, a solid team, and advanced technology infrastructure, we swiftly transitioned our clients to home office and remote work setups. This initiative demonstrated our adaptability and commitment to our clients.

Evolution and Growth

Today, our operations have evolved significantly. Successful partnerships bridge our business model, service delivery process, and core values with client needs, ensuring mutually beneficial collaborations.

Celebrating Our Achievements

As we celebrate our 12th year, we take immense pride in the company we’ve built with our clients. Many original clients from 2012 are still with us, a testament to our enduring relationships and exceptional service. We’ve received numerous awards and recognitions, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Our diverse team is the heart of our success, consistently going above and beyond to serve our customers. They are the individuals who have shaped TeckPath into what it is today.

Gratitude and Commitment

We extend heartfelt thanks to our customers, the cities and communities we serve, and the non-profit organizations we support. These entities provide essential services in our communities, and we are proud to be involved with them. Founded in Calgary, Alberta, our head office remains in Calgary, and we are proud to be Canadians.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, TeckPath remains dedicated to supporting small and midsize businesses with top-notch IT services. Our journey has been shaped by overcoming challenges and celebrating successes. We are excited about what the next chapter holds. Thank you for being part of our story.