Infrastructure Assessment (IA)

Service Introduction

TECKPATH IT Services recognizes the paramount role IT infrastructure plays in the operational success of your business. Our Infrastructure Assessment (IA) Service is dedicated to delivering an exhaustive, impartial evaluation of your network infrastructure in line with industry-leading standards. The outcome of this assessment lays the groundwork for any IT management solutions we recommend, enabling us to tailor our services to suit your unique business needs effectively.

Service Details

The IA process is thorough, where our team of certified IT professionals evaluates every critical aspect of your network infrastructure. This scrutiny includes the assessment of your network configuration, security protocols, backup systems, servers, workstations, software, and hardware. Our approach is fully compliant with industry best practices to ensure your systems are current, secure, and robust.

Key Assessment Areas

Network Configuration

Our team dives deep into your existing network configuration to pinpoint any inefficiencies or potential improvements.

Network Security

In the face of increasing cybersecurity threats, we thoroughly assess your network's security measures to ensure compliance with the latest industry standards.

Backup Systems

Recognizing the invaluable nature of your data, we evaluate your backup systems for efficiency and reliability to provide your business with robust data recovery capabilities.

Servers and Workstations

We assess the performance and health of your servers and workstations, suggesting upgrades or maintenance wherever necessary.

Software and Hardware

We evaluate the software and hardware your business relies on, ensuring they are up-to-date, efficient, and fully support your business operations.


Upon completing the assessment, we present a comprehensive report that details our findings. This report highlights areas of concern and offers recommendations for enhancements. Our proposals aim to bolster the efficiency and security of your IT infrastructure, driving growth and success in your business.

In a time of rapid technological advancement and diverse stakeholder interests, a meticulous analysis of your IT infrastructure is vital. At TECKPATH, we go beyond providing an expert assessment. We partner with you to comprehend your needs, pinpoint potential vulnerabilities, and craft secure, robust networks. Trust in TECKPATH to transform your IT infrastructure into a resilient, reliable cornerstone for your business.