Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services in Calgary

Every modern business runs on information. However, information languishing in isolated silos does not accomplish anything in today’s dynamic business environment. This is where the Cloud comes in.

Cloud technology has opened the ways for a hyperconnected future where data and information are easily accessible, ubiquitous, and reliable. Such a system can help to bring unprecedented momentum to future industries, provided it is performance-oriented and uninterruptible.

And that’s exactly what TeckPath promises, and delivers. Our end-to-end managed cloud offerings make sure that your cloud experience is hyper-agile, always available, and always on. We deliver cloud services that operate with a non-disruption guarantee.

Here’s a brief list of the services we offer.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Deployment models tend to change with every new technological advancement. Whether it's SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, or Public, Private, Community, and Hybrid, we can take care of any cloud deployment task your business requires.

Cloud Security

With the increasing adoption of cloud technology, convenience is becoming a common prerequisite for business data access. However, with great convenience comes greater security risks, and we understand that thoroughly. That's why we provide 360-degree cloud security services for protecting your business-critical data from unauthorized access.

Network and Cloud Storage

Network accessed cloud storage providers often fail when it comes to providing seamless connectivity. Join hands with us to get access to network cloud storage with unlimited bandwidth, zero downtime, and global access.

Cloud Monitoring and Reporting

Setting up a cloud infrastructure doesn't just end when it goes operational. Rather, the task only begins then. Our cloud monitoring and reporting services help to raise appropriate flags at the first instance of any abnormal activity or data spikes. This way, your cloud infrastructure remains operational at optimum levels.

Infrastructure Set Up

Cloud setups don't mean work on the cloud alone; there's a lot of hardware and infrastructural setup that needs to be taken care of as well. Our proficient team can handle every aspect of cloud infrastructure setup, from data center development to end-point security and beyond.

Cloud Migration Services

We get it; not every business is cloud-ready from the get-go. But that doesn't mean your business can't migrate to the cloud. We offer seamless cloud migration services that help ensure business continuity.

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Cloud technology is for everyone, as long as it's deployed and maintained properly. Call us today for cloud management that's literally at a whole new level. From cost savings and future-proofing your company technology to integrated infrastructure that provides robust data access, we can set it all up for you. So, just get in touch with TeckPath, and lead the way on the path to success.