Network Security Assessment

Security Assessment

Network Security Assessment by TeckPath is a security assessment performed to identify the current security posture of an information system or organization. The assessment provides recommendations for improvement, which allows the organization to reach a security goal that mitigates risk, and also enables the organization.

The security assessment should enable one to answer the following questions:

Is your business vulnerable to security threats?

Hacking, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, data theft and identity appropriation are just a few of the inherent threats faced by today’s organizations.

With an increasingly volatile business atmosphere, client needs for business continuity demand an enhanced focus on securing of network and infrastructure. TECKPATH’s Security service solutions offerings include assessing potential threats to your IT systems; planning for robust connectivity in the event of system failure and helping customers scale systems against threats by implementing state of the art technical solutions.

With our expertise your company’s systems will have the TECK wall protective layer.

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Network Security Assessment by TeckPath helps you assess:

Assessment is the first step any organization should take to start managing information risks correctly. With techniques to identify and assess risks in line with CESG CHECK and NSA IAM government standards, Network Security Assessment gives you a precise method to do just that.

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