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Enterprise Solutions

Teckcare proactive IT services

Why are we having this many problems with our IT? Why are we getting billed twice for the same problem? Didn’t they do this already last month? Do any of the above mentioned question relate to what your business is going through. Read more we have got you covered.

Are Daily IT Issues Consuming Too Much of Your Time, Resources and Attention?

TeckPath offers a 24/7 managed services help desk with experienced and certified IT experts to troubleshoot and solve all of your company’s IT problems.

Now  just imagine never thinking or worrying about your computers, servers, network and employees productivity ever again.

We’re not talking about some science fiction or matrix. Call us to have this today! All it takes is one simple phone call to TeckPath. We will place a no-footprint Teckcare agent on any device that connects to your business network so that you can do what you do best — while we do what we do best.

Teckcare will monitor, manage, patch and update, refresh, and optimize technology for your business. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Not for the Teckcare team. IT is not a hubby for us. It’s a life style. We live, eat, and breathe technology that runs smoothly. We love working smart to avoid downtime. We believe we do better when our customers are productive and profitable.

TECKPATH’s enterprise-level solutions are meant to help large businesses and corporations decide on the right path the first time with a partner they can trust.

Exchange Migration

Migration from one generation of Exchange to the next is usually a time-consuming process with significant focus and investment needed. TECKPATH's expertise in system deployment and Office suite implementation is coupled to help our clients migrate to next generation versions of Exchange with minimal user impact or downtime.

SharePoint Migration

Our SharePoint migration offerings keep your SharePoint versions up-to-date, with a hybrid or cloud only deployment option available.

Our products and services are built with keeping our customers in mind-100% Quality, efficient delivery, staying within the budget and focus on long term strategic partnership is what makes us a unique combination.

Our hosted desktop and virtual machine offerings in partnership with industry leaders like VMware, Dell, Microsoft Azure and AWS (Amazon web and cloud services) ensure that your company's move to the cloud is robust.

Terminal Services:

TECKPATH offers our enterprise partners the option to implement terminal services on their networks through thin-client and desktop offerings that help keep controls in place while ensuring connectivity is maintained.


Our expertise in implementing unified messaging and hosted exchange solutions in an ALL-IP mode lets organizations take advantage of the state of the art technologies available in the VOIP space with organizational level implementation championed through a dedicated provider – TECKPATH. We ensure that your company's future is connected.


Mobile workers need mobile access to work, this envisions a need for VPN or a Virtual Private Network . TECKPATH's experts help your workers go to the field with the satisfaction that they will have access to the official tools they need through VPN networks that we help build and maintain for our enterprise partners.

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