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Managed IT Services | For Your Website and Internal Office Needs.
Upto 90% Discount
Up to 90 % Discount

What makes us different from other Nonprofit IT Service Providers is; the strategic partnership we form with every client.

  • Are we using the best technology available to grow the Organization?
  • Are we utilizing all the services available to us?
  • How can we increase productivity and Efficiency?
Document Repository and Collaboration
Document Repository and Collaboration

One of the biggest problems in a non-profit organization is document sharing and structure. We solve that by integrating our Office Cloud Secure sharing platform to increase communication and collaboration.

Technical support Team with Proven Record.
Our technical support Team has a Proven Track Record.

We are always available to answer any questions or provide technical support when you need it. Options are;

  • Call Us
  • Email Us or
  • Submit support ticket directly from your laptop with one click.

The Support you need, the application you require and a team you can call your own.