Return To Work

Roadmap For A Safe Return To Work

As businesses all over the world begin strategizing their actions and plans for the “return to work” program, they need to ensure that they have the systems in place to follow the protocols regarding employees’ health, safety, and risks associated with individuals and the businesses.

Your Partner To Ensure Safe Reopening Of Office

As you plan to reopen your office, you need to ensure the wellness and safety of employees as they march along with you on the “Return-to-Work roadmap”. But are you ready with the plan to welcome them back confidently to your office premises?

Our “Return to Workplace” solutions help organizations in re-opening of workspaces and adapt to new ways of working amid the ‘new normal”. We can help in deploying scalable methods that not only ensure the safety of the workforce but also nurture productivity and seamless collaboration.

Return-To-Work Strategies

Social distance tracking

Ensure employees follow social distancing rules. Smart wearables should be used that send alerts through Bluetooth if they are standing too close to each other for a longer period, or the distance between two or more people walking together is not sufficient

Contactless office entry

Deploy an approach for employees that encourages hygiene practices. Keep a check that employees safely enter the office without touching any door handles or other entry points. For identity verification, features like facial recognition should be encouraged as it also enables touchless access

Augmented reality

Create provision for employees to contact and coordinate successfully with remote staff to tackle office repair and maintenance issues. Machine’s 3D visuals can be incorporated so that a remote worker can identify the issue and request timely and necessary upkeeps

Workspace alerts for updates

Allow sharing of real-time enterprise information and enable location-related alerts, using dashboards and applications. Employees can get updates or changes occurring within the company as it transitions towards a “new normal”

Face mask compliance

Use video analytics to determine face mask usage and send alerts in required when masks are not detected

Chatbot for COVID 19

An AI-powered chatbot that serves the role of the digital assistant to help resolve employee queries related to return-to-work processes

Workspace occupancy analytics

Use analytics to determine and track work floor place occupancy and density and automate sanitation routines