Teckpath Anti-Bribery And Corruption


Teckpath Anti-Bribery And Corruption

At TeckPath, we are committed to conduct ourselves fairly and professionally in all our business relationships and dealings and to enforce effective regulations to counter bribery. This includes ensuring compliance with all laws (local and federal), prohibiting inappropriate payments, gifts, or cash inducements of any kind from or to any person within or outside the Organization. Our Company is dedicated and committed to the prevention and detection of unethical, corrupt business practices.

The TeckPath Policy reflects the highest standard of work transparency expected from any person or entity that performs services on behalf TeckPath. This policy includes business partners (including joint venture partners), agents, representatives, intermediaries, contractors, suppliers, consultants, third-party service providers, or any other individual or entity that performs services for or on behalf of our Company.

As laid out in the TeckPath Compliance Policy, our bribery and corruption officer ensure compliance with this policy throughout our business operations. Although the ultimate responsibility lies on the shoulders of the Compliance Officer, each one of us should consider it our duty to act with integrity. Regular internal audits are used to monitor ongoing compliance across the entire spectrum of activities.
TeckPath provides training to all employees at all levels of the Company to support them in complying with their workplace responsibilities. The training also ensures that our staff is fully aware of the different forms of workplace bribery and corruption. A thorough understanding of legal requirements imparted to the employees helps to create an ethical working environment.

Enforcement And Disciplinary Action

The Organization holds the authority to impose discipline on individuals found to have breached Anti- Bribery and Corruption Policy fairly and reflects the severity of the infringement. Regardless of the position or status – all employees are accountable for compliance and subject to the same disciplinary actions and enforcement. Any individual found violating the policy may face disciplinary actions resulting in even termination of his or her employment without any prior notice. The Organization may refer the violation case immediately to the appropriate authorities, who may impose fines, penalties, imprisonment, or any other liability.


TeckPath makes it easy for individuals to report any misconduct or perceived violation of Anti- Bribery and Corruption policy. If an individual witnesses unethical behaviour on the Organization’s staff or any third party, their anonymous reporting will be valued and trusted. Employees are trained to proactively and promptly report any suspected policy violations or any immoral or illegal code of conduct they become aware of, including, but not limited to, to any instance where a public official or other third-person/entity requests or appears to request an inappropriate benefit.

TeckPath takes all reports in good faith. Each report is assessed, and, wherever necessary, an appropriate investigation is undertaken to make the violator accountable for his actions. We maintain and ensure confidentiality of all reported violations wherever possible, subject to conducting an apocopate review as per applicable law.

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