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CIO Services

IT Strategies + Your Business Goals = Real Value

We are the TOP Calgary IT  Support company.

The first and most important meeting we will have with you is whether utilizing IT services as part of your business strategy is a good fit for you. We will first analyze your business to figure out which part our service is best suited for your business.

How we give you the edge over your competitors:


Managed IT Solutions = Peace Of Mind

Cloud-first mentality: We evaluate each and every single business we work with to determine if it should be — and why it can’t be — in the cloud. This key decision making stage will help us determine the options available to us. Is it? Public, hybrid and private cloud. We’re aggressively going after using cloud for disaster recovery.


TECKCare IT Planning = Technology That Complements  Your Business Growth

End-to-end automation: You want to be the leader in your industry. How do we get you the outcome you’re seeking without reducing headcount but by eliminating human error and give back efficiency? Well, most errors are caused by humans and TeckPath End to End automation is all about eliminating human error. We look at everything we do every day and ask ourselves, why can’t we automate this?


Our standardization process is built on best practices. Are you paying for infrastructure that just sits idle? In order to automate first we have to standardize.


The ultimate goal is to service our customers where they’re at: This uses the first three pillars to give business users self-service technology capabilities through dashboards and other mechanisms, so that they can pull the levers when they need them. This on demand service will allow our customers to save money and pull only the required resources at the time.

At TeckPath we look at the big picture and provide you with custom tailored service designed to fit your business model.

Here is where we see our services can benefit businesses:

Are you planning to upgrade your network infrastructure and you are not understanding what your current IT Service provider is putting in place?

Would you like us to analyze your ongoing projects to make sure they are implemented with your future growth in mind?

Which cloud service is best suited for your business? Are you still using tape backups?

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