COVID - 19


In the wake of the COVID-19 discovery, a lot of sudden changes have happened: schools and universities are closing, mass gatherings are cancelled, and the government is pushing companies to implement ‘Work From Home’ strategies.

Our recommendation is that in order to provide an effective solution that can be deployed rapidly, clients should focus on scaling existing deployed and familiar technology to your users to minimize disruption to operations.

We have developed a straightforward guide to help with these assessments and plans:






To take these steps with your own IT staff or any service provider to ensure effective steps are taken to minimize disruption to your business.

TeckPath is taking a consultative approach.

TeckPath is taking a consultative approach. We are looking to help support you as you prepare your business contingency plans. We have offerings in our existing portfolio to design solutions/make recommendations for most client scenarios.

Solutions for short term deployment

It should be based on technology and platforms that are familiar to your end users as there is limited time for training/OCM.

Our expert consultants

At TeckPath, architects, and Relevant Workplace experts have deep expertise in designing solutions enabling workforces with technology that keeps them productive in remote and dispersed locations. Our team of experts are ready to help you develop a solution that can be implemented quickly as your business needs them.

Discuss with your TECKPATH team today.

Message from the CEO

In the current environment, it is important for all of us to work smarter, safer, and more flexibly. Even though we have mostly automated our use of technology in our daily business practice, I want to personally update you on COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the steps we are taking to ensure the safety and productivity of our employees, clients and partners.

In light of the evolving situation, TeckPath has taken the following measures to ensure the security and productivity of our customers, partners, and employees:

We have updated our business continuity plan to help you design and advance your business readiness plans and remote-work initiatives.

We understand that in today’s increasingly digital world, secure, and reliable access to business applications and information is fundamental to empowering employees and businesses to perform at their very best – anytime, anywhere. It’s why I believe that TeckPath’s mission to strategically work with our clients to create a better way to work is never more important than at times like this.

Thank you for your continued trust in TeckPath, and we look forward to continuing to support the success of you and your organization in the months and years ahead.