Welcome to Teckpath! Calgary IT Support and Service Provider.

TeckPath, as an IT Service Provider, was formed through extensive research, experience, and thorough planning to help businesses through a strategic partnership model. This approach and model have proven effective in providing our clients with the best solutions they can demand from a technology consulting company in today’s CONNECTED world.
We believe in providing a solution that puts people first and technology second.
Obtain, practice, and implement class-leading practices that help our customers go beyond IT.
Identify, target, and visualize ideas to a better CONNECTED tomorrow.

TeckPath will custom tailor your IT needs to fit your business objectives.

Managed services are quickly becoming one of the most preferred ways of hiring the right IT firm at the right price and at the right time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to remove you from the slow-moving and statically boxed operations of many alternatives.

TECKPATH provides a centralized approach by allowing companies to deal with ONE technology solutions provider for all their IT needs. Let our team provide you with a free, no obligations assessment of your business systems.

TECKPATH provides services in complete confidence by digging you out of your existing technology infrastructure mess. Our industry expertise and ability to think outside the box will allow you to achieve your goals that were once difficult to envision.

Our Principles

Serving the small to mid-size business market, TeckPath encourages our clients to immerse and learn the world of IT through transparent business models. This visible approach allows TeckPath to partner with clients and charts out the path to success. The change affects each organization differently. Here at TeckPath, we work closely with our partners to define the continually changing world of Technology and guide them on the path to success.

At TeckPath, 7 Key Questions drive our guiding principles:

  1. What are the vital forces of change that influence us?
  2. How and in what way is the industry changing?
  3. Are we changing fast enough to evolve with the times?
  4. How is the added competition pressurizing cost and quality of service?
  5. Shouldn't we emphasize more on the quality and value of service to sustain and expand our customer base?
  6. What change agents does TeckPath foresee driving the nature of the industry?
  7. What value and market knowledge does TeckPath bring the customers that keep them at the forefront of IT tomorrow?