So, you have just been hacked and you have lots of questions? How did we get hacked? How could have avoid hacking? And most importantly how to we protect our business from future security threats. What sort of ongoing it support do you need?

What mistakes are you making?

As attacks are designed to cause maximum impact, cybercrime often occurs out of business hours, on weekends and public holidays. If your business or department has just been hacked and you need security expertise to help contain and stop the attack, we offer a 24/7 emergency response service.

We have the security training under our belt. We have done a full security assessment and vulnerability testing and penetration testing for fortune 500 companies.  So, we know what we are taking about.

TeckPath has a comprehensive IT security strategy and ongoing action plan. We are always on stand by to help you and your team get a full analysis of what’s happened, including how the hackers got through, which and what computers and accounts were compromised, what data was accessed or stolen and whether any other parties — such as customers or business partners — were affected.

Ask us how we can help you get the peace of mind you and your business deserve.

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