Role of Technology in App Development

Role of Technology in App Development, App Development, Artificial Intelligence
The current market of mobile app development is blazing with opportunities. One can pick any industry and find an app already in place to cater to the consumers. Smartphones have already become the most accessible and used device to access any kind of information online. Every business owner that wants to offer its products and services, or share any promotional information will definitely work hard towards making its user-friendly and engaging mobile app engaging.

Top Technology Trends Ruling the App Development Market

Let’s dive deep into the trends!

The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

When talking about emerging technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are bound to enter the conversation. They have already secured a prominent place in the mobile app industry resulting in enhanced user engagement. From virtual personal assistants such as Alexa to predictive navigation apps, AI is found everywhere.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the most trending technologies that has emerged currently. The fascination of offering visually empowered experiences has already entered into the app development industry (like mobile gaming) with many leading companies starting to adopt for practical purposes.

Beacon Technology

This is a powerful tool that uses wireless technology to track customers location of customers in real-time and delivers messages on their smartphones. This technology has seen application in industries like Hospitality and Healthcare but is expected to be more popularised.

Cloud Technology

Apart from being just a medium for saving hosting costs, it has blossomed to be a technology on which mobile apps are run directly and effectively. Cloud-based apps can store a massive capacity of essential data and possess greater data security.

Wearable Devices Integration with Applications

Wearable Technology is enjoying great hype in the fitness industry. For today’s millennials, sensor-fitted wearable devices have become a possession of pride. This dominant technology is offering multiple possibilities in hard to imagine fields, like human physiological monitoring and e-health.


In years to come, blockchain technology is expected to break its shackles of becoming the next big thing! It will transform our way of tracking and recording assets in a business environment.

TeckPath – Providing End to End App Development Services

At TeckPath, we aim to turn our client’s idea for a dream app into well-designed and monetized apps with responsive user interfaces. We have been the go-to app development agency for numerous B2B and B2C companies from varied industry sectors. Our app specialists deliver development and design services throughout the mobile application lifecycle. Hire expert app developers from TeckPath to experience the benefits of scalable, secure & interactive apps.

Leading Mobile App Development Frameworks Ruling In 2021

Let us discuss the top mobile app development frameworks we use to build a robust app for any business.


Ionic is a widely preferred app developing friendly tool used to build amazing hybrid mobile apps. It combines HTML, JavaScript, and CSS3 to build native apps. Our app developers deliver feature-rich apps with unmatched functionality using the latest technology innovations. Our mission is to deliver iconic mobile app development solutions for every entity.


Phone Gap is a widely adopted and most authentic app development tool for developing highly sophisticated cross platforms mobile apps. Our developers use HTML/CSS and JavaScript using PhoneGap for iOS, Windows, and Android platforms.

Final Words

When it comes to choosing the precise technology to create exemplary mobile applications, it is best to seek the help of a professional mobile app development company like ours. Call our expert today!

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