Why Guidelines For Employee Use Of Company’s Technology And Communication Tools Is Critical Today (COVID-19)

Work from Home Strategy
The global COVID-19 pandemic has completely shackled our way of living. It has become the biggest challenge for companies to manage their business in newfound ways. The deadly virus has forced workforces to stay home and left companies with no choice but to implement the ‘Work from Home’ strategy. 

The unprecedented scenario has pushed organizations to make this transition comfortable for their employees, clients, and consultants all over the world. To alleviate the ambiguity around workplace services, businesses should prioritize providing effective guidelines to employees on the company’s technology and communication tools.

The pandemic does not seem to be going away soon in near future; hence business owners need to focus on familiarising employees with the existing or tools that will be used for collaboration while working from home.

Important Questions to Consider Before Preparing Employees to Embrace the Change
Companies should first brainstorm on these questions and understand the bigger picture:

  • What’s the current state of the company’s technology efficiency?
  • Will existing technology meet the employee needs, or you need to invest in new technology to make work from home possible?
  • Do employees need any kind of training to get accustomed to the company’s technology while they work from home?

Designing an Employee Guideline Framework for Communication and Business Continuity
The company’s new technology and communication tools will only work seamlessly when employees are trained. Businesses leaving it all on the workforce to understand and work their way through the new collaboration tools are bound to get doomed.

1. New company technology requires training and enablement
Proper training and education are a must when introducing new technology for your employees. Keeping the communication transparent as to why a new tool is being introduced and why is it critical to employee acceptance is important.

Under the current pandemic situation when employees are already under a high level of stress, you cannot expect them to understand how a new technology works. Successfully integrating new technology into a company’s workflow will demand planning and high investment. Forcing employees to instantly adopt a new way of working can lead to detachment instead of engagement.

2. Improving operational efficiency through transparency
When employees feel that companies are investing in them to understand the new tools, it ultimately becomes a boost for greater work productivity. Solving employees’ doubts about new technology and recognizing their efforts to understand the tools will really benefit them in the long run. This will ultimately improve the communication, collaboration, and productivity of teammates.

3. Reduce employee attrition rates
In a time like this when things are getting tight in business, it is important that your precious employees stick around. It is a known fact that investing in the employees’ development can reduce attrition rates. When companies and employees both walk hand in hand through tough times, an unbreakable bond of trust is forged. Well-planned training at your company will ensure employees do not better opportunities elsewhere.

Final words
The global COVID-19 pandemic has challenged businesses to manage their activities remotely. Hence, it is essential to find newfound ways and lay down guidelines to continue making progress regardless of any hindrance.

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