Checklist to build a successful e-learning application

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E-learning seems to be getting all the hype these days. Ever since the pandemic, more and more students are enrolling on e-learning courses.

One of the advantages of an e-learning platform is its convenience; you can literally study whatever you want with the device in your pocket, anywhere.

That being said, creating an e-learning platform, like any business, is not the easiest of tasks; it requires time, effort, and patience

Whether you’re already working on your e-learning platform or thinking about starting one, then you’ll definitely benefit from this Checklist to build a successful e-learning application.

Dive right in!

1. Learning Management System (LMS)

The first impression is the best impression; LMS helps you structure, prepare, and design courses for your e-learning platform. Choosing the right LMS is the make-or-break factor for your e-learning application.

With an LMS, you can choose how to style, and structure the courses, modules and sub-modules,  so that you can ensure uniformity.

The right LMS tool allows for revising and editing courses with new information if the need arises, and it should also come with enough security to prevent data breaches.

2. Hosting

Any e-learning application will require a hosting platform. You could either go for a cloud-based system or a hosted LMS, depending on your technical expertise and budget.

In a hosted system, LMS is installed on your company’s server, and all data is stored there. However, this is complex and time-consuming. There are a few things you have to check, such as compatibility with the existing software and network before you host an LMS or else you risk the chance of a system crash. Most of the time, you will have to integrate the system, which could take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

You could also opt for a cloud-based platform for LMS, which offers an easy, quick, and efficient setup without having to install any additional software.

Choosing between a hosted LMS and a cloud LMS boils down to the needs of the students.

3. System Integration

After your e-learning application is online, you need to integrate it with other software such as BI systems, HR software, and CRM systems for a well-rounded functioning. Take the time to note down your needs and come up with solutions that are suitable for your application.

The ideal software for your e-learning app is that which can seamlessly integrate with software that currently supports your organizational structure. Having a single system into which all data is filled will streamline and simplify the data entry process.

4. Content Protection

Unlawful access, viewing, and downloading of content is one the most prevalent forms of intellectual property violation among e-learning platforms.

You can easily prevent this by encrypting your content with the Digital Rights Management technique which only allows authorized students to access the content.

5. Payments

Incomplete Payment fulfillment is one of the most common problems faced on an e-learning platform. If your payment gateways are not properly functioning, chances are, most people will discard the course they’ve selected after a few failed attempts.

What’s the point of having an excellent e-learning platform, when users can’t even purchase it? Ensure proper integration of your payment getaways for a smoother check-out experience.

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