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Data exploitation will be the most serious security threat that businesses, governments, and individuals will face in the coming technologically advanced years. Unlike when it first emerged, big data is now regarded as one of the most important competitive factors in the global economy.

Many experts have been studying recent changes and predicting the most likely vulnerabilities to come due to the increasing cybersecurity threats.

Concentrate On The Fundamentals

Many IT professionals’ peace of mind is disrupted by their growing fear of cyber security threats. Many people are turning to more sophisticated solutions while ignoring fundamental structures.

According to Scott Schober, president of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, business leaders should consistently pay more attention to basic network protocols.

The Security-First Mentality

According to Isaac Sacolick, the founder and president of StarCIO, digital transformation necessitates more new software such as Apps, APIs, and data services, all of which must be equipped with resilient security systems from the start. He goes on to say that the best way to protect user’s data is to deploy dynamic security systems.

According to Shai Haim, Radware’s Security Product Marketing Manager, we should also expect an increase in flooding attacks. He believes that organizations that provide high bandwidth networks will be the primary targets, as the impact will be significant.

Haim emphasizes the need for automated, fragmented dynamic security systems to combat such threats.

Certification Of The Cybersecurity Maturity Model 2.0

The Department of Defense’s Maturity Model Certification extends a framework that meets “Zero Trust” tenets. It also ensures that a company’s operations remain legal and that its users’ data is secure across various threat levels.

Personnel Training On An Ongoing Basis

Most IT experts have focused on implementing an employee training program because it has proven to be a critical need in the coming years. Most attacks succeed due to human flows rather than technical aspects of a security infrastructure.

According to Mimecast’s CEO, Peter Bauer, the increasing level of sharing on social media platforms provides attackers with a significant amount of information with which to devise compelling social engineering attacks. Unlike some experts, Bauer believes cloud communication structures and emails will attract more threats.

Collaborations Necessitate Vigilance

Although technical attacks are not common, we cannot rule out the possibility of becoming more common in the future. As many experts encourage the general public to focus on social attacks, hackers focus on areas where organizations are overconfident or underestimate their subjects.

According to Matt Sanders, Director of Security at LogRhythm, hackers may introduce backdoors and other harmful code into widely used open-source software components. The primary target organizations will be those unaware of the importance of reviewing code before deploying it on official projects.

The Last Word

Human flaws have always been a target, whether it’s outwitting developers or users. Companies should invest in educating people in both their micro and macro environments, including their customers.

Business leaders should add more skills to their teams by hiring external Cyber Security firms with experience from various brands. Cyber attacks are unavoidable, no matter how far technology advances. Fortunately, corporations can always save their businesses by implementing a long-term backup plan.

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