Start These 5 Tech Habits Right Now For A Happier 2022

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As digitization becomes the norm across industries, your attitude towards technology will define how your IT environment will operate in the coming years. Bad tech habits are aplenty in the industry, and if you practice them within your workspace it will affect your output.

Now is the time to turn this around. As a growing organization, you should welcome the tech environment.

So, here are 5 habits around technology that you should be incorporating in your workspace:

1. Start Conversations Around Cyber Security

Regardless of how big your IT and digital environment is, it is bound to grow along with your business. This places your data at risk and your staff deserves to know these risks. Furthermore, you should discuss the risk mitigation process that you are adhering to and the role of the employees in the process.

As a team, you should be practicing the best industry practices regarding cyber security. Employees need to know the importance of data safety and how they can practice it in their everyday work.

2. Make IT A Collaborative Process

The IT team or the tech environment in an organization can not operate in silos. While achieving horizontal communication across departments is indeed difficult, the IT framework of the organization can be prepared in consultation with the various teams. This allows the IT team to feel more inclusive and your IT policy will also be more specific to your organizational needs.

If you work with an external IT vendor you can host monthly meetings with the various organizational heads to take feedback and pass it on to the IT team.

3. Create Support Guidance

If your employees are trying to fix machines themselves there is clearly a gap in communication. Regardless of how small the issue may be, there need to be clearly defined guidelines as to how to have it fixed.

With solid guidelines employees will also feel more comfortable reaching out to the IT team. Not only will this endeavor better your communication standards, but it will also save operational time.

4. Enable Tech-Friendly Habits

Most employees treat workspace technology as something removed from them. This results in quick wear and tear and also puts pressure on the IT team. Banging a mouse or slapping the printer needs to be a thing of the past, and this can only happen by teaching everyone the necessary tech etiquette.

5. Have A Tech-Free Space

This is more important than most people realize. Our offices and lives have become overly crowded with tech. Our eyes move from one screen to another and this tires the mind more than anything else. Allow certain spaces in your office to have a little tech as possible. It can be the cafeteria or a brainstorming room.

Staying away from tech can also be a good thing. Your employees will feel rejuvenated and perform better.

Start 2022 with these habits and watch your organization truly embrace the power of next-gen tech!

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