Why Involving a Third-Party Project Manager to Communicate with Your IT Services Provider Causes Issues

IT Communication

In the realm of IT projects, communication stands as a pillar of success. However, the dynamics change when an intermediary, such as a third-party project manager (PM), is thrown into the mix to facilitate communication between a client and their IT services provider. While having an intermediary might seem like a strategic move, it often brings about unforeseen challenges. Below are some reasons why involving a third-party PM may cause issues:

  1. Diluted Communication:

Transferring information through an additional party can dilute the original message, leading to misunderstandings. What the IT provider hears may be different from what the client intended, and vice versa.

  1. Delayed Responses:

An additional layer of communication often results in slower response times. Messages have to pass through more hands, prolonging decision-making processes and overall project timelines.

  1. Increased Costs:

Hiring an external PM introduces additional costs to the project. If the third-party PM fails to bring significant value or efficiency to the table, this becomes an unnecessary expenditure.

  1. Mismatched Expectations:

Third-party PMs might come with their own set of methodologies and expectations which might not align with the client’s or the IT provider’s procedures. This mismatch can create friction and operational inefficiencies.

  1. Accountability Concerns:

With an additional entity in the communication chain, accountability can become blurred. When issues arise, it may become a blame game, making it harder to identify the root cause and find a resolution.

  1. Limited Domain Knowledge:

A third-party PM might not possess the same level of expertise about the client’s industry or the specific technologies in play. This can result in uninformed decisions, which may not serve the project’s best interests.

  1. Relationship Strain:

Direct relationships foster trust. By adding another layer, the client and the IT service provider might not establish the same rapport they would have in a direct interaction, making it challenging to resolve conflicts and negotiate terms.

  1. Overhead in Management:

Handling communications through a third-party requires extra effort in terms of coordination and management. This overhead can bog down the progress of the project.

  1. Potential for Conflict of Interest:

A third-party PM might have affiliations or vested interests that aren’t immediately clear to the client or the IT provider. Such situations can lead to conflicts of interest, impacting the transparency and integrity of the project.

  1. Loss of Personal Touch:

Direct communication enables the client and IT provider to understand each other’s perspectives, concerns, and values. With an intermediary, this personal touch is often lost, leading to a more transactional relationship.

In Conclusion: While third-party project managers bring their own set of skills and can be beneficial in some scenarios, it’s crucial to weigh the potential risks against the benefits. Direct communication between clients and IT service providers tends to foster a more collaborative environment, ensuring that projects move forward with clarity, trust, and efficiency. If a third-party PM is to be involved, it’s essential to ensure they align with the project’s goals, have relevant expertise, and act as genuine facilitators rather than mere message carriers.

Direct communication between clients and IT service providers tends to foster a more collaborative environment, ensuring that projects move forward with clarity, trust, and efficiency.

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