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Microsoft Teams

Calamity Gives Birth To Innovation

Two years of pandemic drove everyone inside homes to stay confined in secure spaces. This adversity resulted in a unique opportunity for companies that were offering bundled communication solutions.

As people started working from home, they needed to talk on audio/video conference and share files and documents and instant messaging and chat. The challenge was to be able to share files while talking over internet telephony and also see the person interact on the computer monitor.

Amazingly this became a habit for many who decided to use this service even when offices resumed.

Build For Future

‘Teams’ by Microsoft is one of the best in this field which is popularly called ‘UCaaS’ (Unified Communications as a Service). Microsoft probably peered into the future and decided to invest seriously in UCaaS technology.

The new normal is ‘spoke and wheel’ kind of model. The staff may be spread across locations yet the team members get connected. They can use audio/video conference and collaborate on a centered system.

The migration is happening on a steady pace. Companies are creating UCaas strategies and using Microsoft’s Team Phone System as the solution for unified communication structure.

New & Improved

To help decide on the migration to UCaaS Microsoft Team, companies could conduct a simple audit of their existing phone and communication systems. Their present systems could have intercom, paging and long-distance dialing as part of the service. It helps to first map out the current pattern of usage.

All the features and functionality that is being used traditionally will be available with Microsoft Team Phone System.

Features Galore:

There are many other exciting features which will become available. All employees’ mobile phones can get paired to the cloud telephony. They can start using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Now the mobile phones can be paged, used as intercom, broadcast message and use high-speed internet.

Microsoft UCaaS operations also allows you to enjoy features like cloud auto attendant, audio conferencing and call queues. Microsoft Team Phone System allows you to replace PBX systems and still receive, mute and transfer calls. Skype can also get integrated into Team very easily.

Easy Migration Plans:

All the company will need is a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) solution and Microsoft Calling Plans. There are two options available here. One, where Microsoft Team provides licenses of its own calling plans. Provided companies want to access all functionality through Microsoft making it the PSTN carrier.

Decision making here can be based on the kind of calling plans available in that country. Two, where the company wants to continue with the present telephone system provider. This can happen via direct routing where your on-premises telephony infrastructure is linked to your phone system.

All PSTN benefits that a company enjoys with the current network carrier will be maintained. There are pros and cons in both scenarios.

Ready To Go:

Once the Team phone system and PSTN strategy is sorted, the company can start initiating their employees to the Microsoft Team system. Everybody can start understanding how to share files and make calls using the new system.

Soon they will also learn how to send and receive voicemail, caller ID and call parking. Microsoft Team cloud based phone systems is the future.

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