How to get cloud migration right in the rush for digital transformation

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For a good part of the covid-era and before that, it was cloud technology that played a key role in sustaining businesses. Cloud technology provided businesses with the ability to easily build and expand their remote services and operations

However, with cloud migration gaining traction organizations are faced with one burning question: “How to ensure successful cloud migration amidst the growing rush for digitization?

Accenture’s recent 2021 report on Technology Vision saw that a staggering 82% of companies are speeding up cloud integration and dependency due to the pandemic.

Although much of the covid-impact has subsided, companies are increasingly shifting their focus to the cloud. Businesses that got the best of the pandemic don’t view cloud technology as a mere money-saving exercise. Adopting the cloud offers businesses an agile model, quicker access to markets, and eco-friendly.

Gone are the days when people viewed the cloud merely as a new storehouse for data centers.

Interestingly, until very recently, many companies struggled to get the desired output from cloud technologies. Only less than half of the companies that have invested in the cloud are reaping its complete benefits.

In the drive toward digital transformation, how do ensure that the move to the cloud goes well?

A proper solution is not just about finding a vision or preparing the right strategy. Migration is the only thing on which businesses have to focus to get things right. The problem with focusing too much on migration is that businesses will get trapped in the “lift and change” vortex as they push for more digital transformation.

The aim should be to get more work onto the cloud and patiently wait for the results.

The first step is preparing a proper business plan and the cost of their migration. This would indicate the company’s current position and where they want to stand a few years down the lane.

Agility on the cloud is one of its most attractive features. However, companies must ask whether this improved agility would have any bearing on their new services or products.

A successful migration strategy would include how a transformation to the cloud would allow them to operate their businesses more effectively with the new services and tools.

A migration strategy which looks simply at restructuring the existing resources would not reach as far as intended.

Furthermore, companies should include other technologies while planning their investments. For instance, AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), along with robotics are a big plus today.

Execution is key

There is no doubt that without execution a plan is doomed to failure. Practically implementing a successful cloud strategy is not an easy task.

To ensure constant progress and generate more value, businesses must break down the strategy into smaller goals and plan out the outcome of each workload.

How can one successfully migrate to the cloud amid the haste of digital transformation?

Several factors contribute to a successful cloud data migration such as risk, complexity, and value. Companies will have to pay heed to each part of the business and plan for them according to their needs. This exercise allows the company to figure out the type of cloud service their organization requires such as SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS.

The cornerstone of cloud migration is data. However, many migration strategies place too much importance on applications.

Businesses should take note that data, applications, and architecture are all interdependent. As more and more companies take their data to the cloud, their migration plan must include the use of modern data platforms.

After migration

Migration is the first and most important step in maximizing the cloud’s value, but it is just the beginning. Organizations’ initial choices, nevertheless, will determine what they may do in the future. Businesses must choose the best partner for this journey.

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