Meraki Licenses Explained

Cisco Meraki, Meraki License
Cisco’s Meraki cloud-based infrastructure enables enterprise network centralized management. Devices on the Meraki network can only function if they are licensed. If you do not renew your subscription within the specified time frame, a device or the entire system will be rendered inoperable.

Continue reading to learn more about acquiring and renewing Cisco Meraki licenses.

Models Of Cisco Meraki Licensing

Meraki blocks all unlicensed hardware from interfering with traffic. To function, each device requires a unique license.

Cisco Meraki provides two license models: per-device (PDL) and co-termination (co-term). The co-term licensing model is the default choice for all organizations, though the PDL model can be chosen if desired. However, a single corporation cannot deploy both types at the same time.

What Is The Distinction Between The Co-Term And PDL Models?

Purchasing new hardware in the middle of an existing license subscription causes the expiration dates of both the ongoing license and the new license to be averaged and brought to a median point for a single expiration date for all device licenses under the co-term licensing model.

After installing the new hardware, you can see your new license renewal date on your Meraki dashboard.

PDL-based hardware, on the other hand, is licensed individually and has specific expiration dates.

Upgrades To Licensing Hardware

Meraki manages licenses for non-model-specific devices on an organization’s network based on the number of devices. As a result, upgrading a device without increasing the number of devices on the network does not necessitate the renewal of a license.

This, however, only applies to wireless access points (MR, MV, and MC series). For example, upgrading to the same device type (e.g., MR16 to MR18) does not necessitate the purchase of a new license. Model-specific hardware, switches (MS series), and security appliance lines (MX series), on the other hand, cannot share licenses across models.

Renewing Your Meraki License

Before renewing your license, make sure you’re getting the right package. You can view your organization’s licensing information from the Meraki dashboard. Pay close attention to model-specific licenses that require more precision.

When upgrading a non-model-specific device, the remainder of the current license is applied to the upgrade.

Handling New Hardware

If you buy a used device, make sure your license is transferable to the new device. When a device has been blacklisted as stolen from the Meraki network, it may not be licensable.

Checking The End-Of-Life (EOL) Of Your Home Appliance

Meraki hardware has a set lifespan, after which it is considered out of service. The official site allows you to check the End-of-Life status of your licenses.

Contacting Us And Our Cisco Partner Page

Meraki sends you reminder emails and notifications on your organization’s dashboard one month before your license expires. You also get a 30-day grace period after the renewal date, during which you must pay, or your devices will be turned off.

Understanding the Cisco Meraki licensing system can be difficult. As a result, it is critical to have a partner on whom you can rely to continuously provide support when needed.

An authorized dealer can assist you in purchasing Meraki licenses, which will be delivered to your email address within 1 or 2 business days. Log in to your dashboard and enter the license number in the “Renew My Dashboard License” section of the license info page.

Keep in mind that Meraki licensing works on a mesh-like structure, so a single unlicensed device can knock the entire system offline. As a result, it is critical that you obtain the appropriate number and type of licenses for your hardware.

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