Benefits of Cloud-powered Disaster Recovery Network

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In today’s world data holds a lot of importance. Any organization dealing with data should be cautious while handling it. Data breaches impact businesses negatively and should be prevented at all costs. Although there are multiple data recovery services on the market, most of them are too expensive or outdated to work in today’s scenario. This shows why every organization must have a secure cloud disaster recovery service in place.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how a secure cloud-powered disaster recovery network can help you during a data breach.

Understanding Cloud-powered disaster recovery network

A cloud-powered disaster recovery, otherwise known as cloud DRP or cloud DR is a third-party system that lets you manage, store, and backup all data from your patches, OS, and applications in one place.

Benefits of choosing a cloud for DR

Quick Recovery

By automating the backing up of data, a cloud-powered DR saves you a ton of time. This also reduces the amount of downtime faced. Since a cloud-based DR gives away manually entering the data, it is around 70% faster than other methods of data recovery.

Simple and efficient

Cloud offers customers a simple infrastructure without the need for expensive hardware or software, which only experts or professionals can control. With a cloud-powered DRaaS, you can start with the expertise of your service provider.

Once a proper cloud-based DRaaS is in place, you can easily manage and control the data backups with intuitive and simple controls.

Ideal for remote teams

Traditional DR solutions were perfect within an organization’s four walls. After the pandemic, work-from-home and remote working cultures have shot up in popularity, which has made a strong case for cloud-based disaster recovery. With a cloud model, there is DR at each access point in the organization. Controlled accountability is the best solution for a team working remotely and accessing/inserting data into a computer.


As your business grows, your need for data protection also increases. With a cloud-powered DR in place, you can easily scale it according to the needs of your growing business.

Budget Friendly

With a cloud model in place, you can pay as you use. Compared to traditional data security measures, you can outsource hardware and software resources as you like; however, you’re charged only for the amount of service you use. A cloud DRaaS saves your time and is an excellent, budget-friendly option.

Improved security

Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant rise in Intellectual Property breaches, which further highlights the need for a cloud-based data recovery system. Any data stored in the cloud is protected using encrypted files and authentication by users. This allows users to control the access points where data is backed up.

Bonus Tip

Even while IT teams and companies are aware of the dangers involved with data recovery, only a small percentage of them seem to be developing an early-stage plan for catastrophe data recovery. If you want to maintain your composure and maintain control of the situation, don’t leave formulating your plan till the last minute.

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