Migrating from Monday.com to Microsoft Dynamics: A Comprehensive Guide

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In the world of project management and CRM systems, organizations frequently find themselves needing to pivot from one platform to another. Whether it’s due to shifting business needs, growth, or a desire for a change in feature sets, the decision to migrate from one system to another is a major one. In this post, we’ll explore a step-by-step guide on migrating from Monday.com, a popular work operating system, to Microsoft Dynamics, a comprehensive CRM, and ERP solution.

Why Migrate?

  1. More Advanced CRM Features: Microsoft Dynamics offers a broad suite of customer relationship management tools that are more comprehensive than what Monday.com provides.
  2. Integration with Microsoft Suite: For businesses heavily invested in Microsoft’s ecosystem, including Office 365, Dynamics provides seamless integration.
  3. ERP Capabilities: Beyond CRM, Dynamics also includes tools for enterprise resource planning, financial management, and more.

Pre-migration Checklist:

  1. Assess Data: Understand what data is in Monday.com and how it’s structured.
  2. Define Objectives: Clearly state what you aim to achieve with the migration.
  3. Backup Data: Always take a backup of your data from Monday.com before initiating the migration process.

Migration Steps:

  1. Data Export from Monday.com:
    1. Monday.com allows you to export boards into an Excel file.
    2. Go to the board you wish to export > click on the three dots menu (ellipsis) > Export > Excel.
  2. Prepare Data:
    1. Once exported, review the Excel sheets to ensure all necessary data is captured.
    2. Clean up any inconsistencies or duplicates.
  3. Data Import to Microsoft Dynamics:
    1. Microsoft Dynamics offers data import tools that support Excel files.
    2. Navigate to Dynamics 365 > Settings > Data Management > Imports.
    3. Follow the import wizard, map the columns from your Excel to the corresponding fields in Dynamics, and initiate the import.
  4. Customizations & Integrations:
    1. Dynamics allows for extensive customizations. Set up any custom fields, workflows, or processes that your organization requires.
    2. If you had third-party integrations set up with Monday.com, assess how these will transition to Dynamics. Some might be directly supported, while others might need custom solutions.
  5. Testing:
    1. After importing, it’s crucial to test the data. Ensure that records are accurately reflected, and no data is missing.
    2. Engage a few team members to perform routine tasks and validate the system’s functionality.
  6. Training:
    1. A new platform often requires users to adjust. Organize training sessions for your team to get familiarized with Microsoft Dynamics.
    2. Microsoft provides a wealth of training resources online, which can be beneficial.
  7. Post-migration Support:
    1. The first few weeks after migration can bring up unforeseen challenges. Ensure you have dedicated IT support to handle any issues or questions.


Migrating from Monday.com to Microsoft Dynamics is not merely a data transfer but a strategic decision that can shape the way your organization operates. By following the steps above and ensuring meticulous planning and execution, you can make the transition smooth and gain the maximum benefit from your new platform. 

Remember to involve your team throughout the process, as their feedback and involvement will be crucial to the migration's success.

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