Windows 12: What We Know So Far

Windows 12

Windows 11 has been out for less than a year, but Microsoft is already working on the next major version of its operating system. While the company has not officially announced or confirmed anything, there have been some leaks and rumors about what Windows 12 might look like and when it might be released. In this blog post, we will summarize what we know so far about Windows 12, and what we can expect from it.

Release Date and Codename

According to sources close to Windows Central, Microsoft is planning to release Windows 12 in the second half of 2024, three years after the first version of Windows 11 shipped. This is because Microsoft is returning to a three-year development cycle for major versions of the Windows platform, with plans to update the in-market version of Windows with new features every few months.

The codename for the next version of Windows is reportedly “Next Valley”, which makes sense as Windows 11’s codename was “Sun Valley”. However, we don’t know if Microsoft will actually call it Windows 12, or if it will use a different name or branding. For example, Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and went straight from Windows 8 to Windows 10, and then renamed Windows 10X to Windows 11.

UI and Features

One of the most noticeable changes that Windows 12 might bring is a new user interface design. Microsoft accidentally leaked a prototype of the new UI during its Ignite keynote in October 2022⁴. The image showed Microsoft Teams running on a Windows desktop with a floating taskbar, a new top bar with icons and menus, and rounded corners on windows and menus.

The new UI design seems to be inspired by Fluent Design, Microsoft’s design language that emphasizes light, depth, motion, and material. The new UI also seems to be more consistent and modern than the current one, which still has some legacy elements from previous versions of Windows.

Another possible feature that Windows 12 might introduce is a new lock screen and notification center. According to Zac Bowden from Windows Central, Microsoft is working on a new lock screen experience that will show more information and actions, such as weather, calendar events, media controls, quick settings, and notifications. The notification center will also be revamped to be more interactive and customizable.

AI and CorePC

Perhaps the most ambitious and innovative aspect of Windows 12 is its integration of artificial intelligence (AI) throughout the operating system. According to Daniel Rubino from Windows Central⁵, Microsoft is working on a new system called CorePC that will use AI to optimize the performance and battery life of devices running Windows 12. CorePC will also enable new AI features such as text on image recognition, content analysis, contextual prompts, and more.

CorePC will also be based on a new modular code that will make Windows 12 more lightweight and adaptable to different devices and scenarios. CorePC will separate the core system from the user interface and apps, allowing for faster updates and easier customization. CorePC will also be optimized for different silicon architectures, such as Intel, AMD, ARM, and Qualcomm.


Windows 12 is still a long way from being released, but it seems that Microsoft is working hard to make it a significant upgrade from Windows 11. With a new UI design, new features, and new AI capabilities, Windows 12 could be the most advanced and intelligent version of Windows ever. Of course, these are all based on leaks and rumors, so we will have to wait until Microsoft officially reveals more details about Windows 12 in the future.


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Windows 11 has been out for less than a year, but Microsoft is already working on the next major version of its operating system.

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