Strong IT Backbone – A Must For Your Business

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Supersonic Evolution:

Whether one likes it or not the internet is here to stay. The evolution of mankind has suddenly taken a giant leap at the speed of thought and immersed the entire world in codes streaming all over the planet and in fact beyond. What started with easing up large calculations and managing humongous records has now become as dear to us as the air we breathe.

No corporation, government, or even a personal ‘to-do list is possible without the active participation of number-crunching chips and smart algorithms.

Every business is run on computers and the internet. We constantly need to send information and fetch knowledge. We can crunch data to understand complex problems and make critical decisions all because of Information Technology popularly referred to as IT. It has become mandatory for business person to plan their IT even as they start writing a business plan.

An entrepreneur is able to dream of lofty plans because of the faith in the IT superhighway that can support his plans. The IT backbone has enabled people to sell directly to consumers through e-commerce infrastructure.

Typical Case:

Let’s see how a brick-and-mortar company that is IT-enabled, operates in today’s time. The business already has put together its complete operation and administration on IT-enabled computers. The attendance and payroll of the company are computerized, generating messages and raising flags whenever an event occurs which is out of line. The account keeping of the company is connected with other offices using the IT backbone for instant reconciliations.

The sales of the company are happening through an online portal where the distributor or stockist is punching in their orders. The smartness of the software detects if there is sufficient stock and sends alerts to the despatch office to ship out the orders.

The sales and marketing team intercepts the orders and coordinates with the finance guys to see if the online bank shows whether the money has been received for the orders. The logistics team maps out the journey of the shipment with online maps along with GPS which helps the trucks to reach their destination.

The entire process is happening completely with the help of IT that was online as well as intelligent software residing on the computers. It is clear that any business must have a smart IT spine to be able to do competent business in modern times. This has been a boon to businesses as costs have come down because of the efficiency of the system in stemming wastage and detecting pilferage.

All this technology razzmatazz is not just some ‘hocus-pocus’ magic trick. The smoothness acquired because of proficient algorithms rubs on to the end customer and adds to their delight.

Enhance Experience:

Sean Gerety got it right when he said “The technology you use impresses no one, the experience you create with it is everything.” Businesses and technology are inseparable now. IT can make any business process exponentially effective both in terms of operation and bottom line.

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