The Ultimate Guide to IoT-driven Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digital Transformation, IIoT
Digital transformation is pivotal for companies looking to improve productivity.

The advent of Industry 4.0, the latest iteration of industrialization witnessed the integration of unstructured, raw data with automation for delivering precise and structured information.

Industry Internet of Things (IIOT) and Digital Transformation are two sides of Industry 4.0, which ultimately strives for quick results through automation.

How Is Digital Transformation Useful In Manufacturing?

Digital Transformation in manufacturing is the process by which businesses incorporate new technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning, and data analytics for better efficiency.

With the help of digital transformation in manufacturing, businesses can maximize profits, reduce manufacturing costs, decrease the workload on employees and improve the quality of products.

This process also identifies the pain points in the Manufacturing industry and aims to solve them.


Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) is the same as the Internet of Things (IoT) but focuses on industries.

IIoT is the result of digital transformation in the manufacturing of a company.

IIoT encompasses multiple technologies such as Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Artificial intelligence, Data Mining, and much more.

How Does IIoT Impact The Manufacturing Industry?

Digital Transformation by IIoT has helped the manufacturing industry in 3 ways, and these include:

Visibility of field operations/ shop floor

IIoT offers businesses the ability to get better visibility of the shop floor and to exercise sufficient control over it.

With IIoT, businesses no longer need to use manual data entry, since the automated unstructured data collection by IIoT is much better.

The two most popular applications for improving field operation visibility are:

  • Applications facilitating the manufacturing process
  • Applications helping management of the assets

Ability to monitor the manufacturing supply chain

Monitoring supply chains is one of the hardest parts of manufacturing. With IIoT manufacturers have the ability to implement smart supply chain monitoring and management solutions.

This gives manufacturers insights into the delivery, status, location, and quality of goods received from the individual supply chains.

With IIoT, manufacturers can observe the package components, inventory, and conditions, while it is in transit. This becomes very useful for those shipping fragile or perishable goods.

Monitor outsourced and remote operations

Traditional methods are ineffective to keep a track of the employees, inventory, and shop floor. By implementing IoT, businesses can vastly improve the standard of production.

This is mainly due to the ability of IoT to provide real-time information about remote and outsourced operations.

Why Should You Incorporate IIOT In Manufacturing?

1. Minimize operational costs

Using IIoT in manufacturing will help with the efficient use of companies’ resources. This could be in the form of reduced machine downtime, inventory management, agile operations, and much more.

With automation, companies can also keep a track of their inventory, monitor individual products with their location and ETA, and significantly reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

2. Better Safety

By addressing safety problems, IoT improves the working conditions for employees. For example, you could use IIoT to constantly monitor an oil and gas rig for any leaks.

The use of RFID tags on employees also helps to monitor the health conditions of the employees, which can prevent injuries or accidents.

3. Customization

With IoT and digital transformation, companies can undergo mass customization by using data to track manufacturing processes and inventory.

4. Reduced time for product cycle

Using fast and efficient supply chain operations and manufacturing processes can greatly cut short the time required for increasing sales and inventory.

How Can Teckpath Help You?

As you can see, integrating IoT with your business has numerous benefits. However, if you’re clueless about where to begin, then that’s where TeckPath comes in.

With our team of specialized experts, you can completely digitize your manufacturing process and incorporate IIoT into your company.

Join hands with us and be a part of the Industry 4.0 revolution!

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