Top Five Endpoint Security Trends For 2022

Endpoint Security, Cyber Security
As the year following one of the most rapid technological transformations in history, 2021 was a watershed moment in cyber security. New vulnerabilities introduced by widely used remote working systems continue to confound cyber security experts.

It is becoming easier to carry out attacks on employees who are isolated in their remote work locations, with no experts to spot suspicious activity or provide immediate assistance.

Attacks on corporations have resulted in operational challenges, direct financial losses, and regulatory ramifications.

Here Are The Five Major Trends Shaping The Cyber Security Landscape In 2022

1. Endpoint System Repair

Fearing the new responsibilities presented by work-from-home systems, Chief Information Security Officers have been forced to reassess their security policies. Endpoints are either over-configured or under-configured to handle standard security threats.

In order to perform breaches, attackers use critical utilities such as PowerShell. According to CISCO, dual-use PowerShell tools are at the top of the list in terms of total cases of tracked malicious activity.

2. The Implementation Of Zero Trust Solutions

Cases of sophisticated attacks, such as ransomware, have also increased, forcing businesses to implement Zero Trust solutions. Such solutions are based on the principle of scrutinizing all traffic, including internal requests.

Verifying security at each level can help identify potential targets within the network and prevent attacks from occurring.

3. Endpoints That Self-Manage

As technology advances, cyberattack tactics become more diverse. Anyone and everything in the vicinity of the remote-working system has become a vulnerability. Self-healing endpoints can bridge a significant gap in the chain, especially because security tools can fail or be used to facilitate attacks.

Such systems provide protection and visibility into malicious activity.

Our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems can be integrated into your network to provide continuous monitoring and rule-based analysis of data collected from your endpoints.

With our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) systems, you can be confident in the security of your data and assets even if your organization’s security is breached.

4. Events Monitoring In Endpoint Systems

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, there is a greater chance that many will go undetected. Their plans can be traced back to other, less destructive attacks. Although sophisticated attackers are becoming more difficult to detect, advanced analytic technologies such as machine learning and algorithms can decipher alien usage patterns.

Analytic technologies can detect current and historical unexpected patterns or events, assisting in the closure of gaps.

Our systems are outfitted with predictive intelligence that can handle file-specific attacks, stop ransomware before it executes, and monitor malicious encryptions.

5. Increased Use Of Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In Endpoint Security

The new technological age is centered on AI, making it an unavoidable part of the business. Corporates are facing more attacks than ever before as more people enter the cyber security industry. In robust systems with a plethora of endpoints, AI or ML structures can provide unrivaled security.

They can manage the majority of malicious activities, including phishing, while also stabilizing endpoint security. We can easily trace back breaches, analyze their impact, and identify the initial target with the help of our AI tools.

Teckpath provides around-the-clock services to assist organizations in responding to attacks on time and detecting threats before they occur. Good security can help to reduce operating costs, destructive incidents, and improve risk management.

We provide full-fledged organizational tools, including website creation and cyber security systems, to avoid competing with software vendors who introduce numerous vulnerabilities.

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