How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Web Project

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Creating, developing, and implementing a web project is hard. There are multiple variables to consider so that things go according to plan.

Choosing the right technology is one of the toughest choices, and makes a world of difference; with the right technology, you can save time, money, and other resources on your web project.

We know how difficult choosing the right technology is, so to nudge you in the right direction, we have compiled this blog to help you choose the right one for your web project.

Understanding the Platform

First and foremost, you need to understand the nature and expectations of your project before choosing the right tech stack.

Once you’ve got it figured out, define your target audience; who are the people using your application? Where, when, and how are they using your app? Are they interacting with your app through a computer or a mobile phone?

Answers to these questions will give you clarity about the objective you’re aiming for and help you chart a suitable course of action.

For example, if your target audience is Android users, then you’ll have to start developing your app for the Android OS.

Identifying the Type of Project

After identifying the platform, before you choose a tech stack, you’ll have to evaluate the business goals, processing strength, complexity, and size of the project. If your app uses multiple processors or needs low latency for a proper response, you must have a tech stack that supports these requirements.

Simple Projects

These are easy-to-complete projects with minimal requirements and use simple technologies like WordPress or CMS.

Medium Projects

Medium-sized projects require advanced technological tools. Such projects might require the collaboration of multiple tools and programming languages depending on the platforms and requirements.

Advanced Projects

Advanced projects are a level up from medium-sized projects with more complexity and sophistication. For instance, creating an online marketplace, social network, order management system or CRM requires a combination of several programming languages, integrations and functions.

Requirement for Scalability

Choosing the right technology will help you scale up your application as its user base and functions increase. Developers must choose a tech stack that can accommodate user growth and the addition of new features.

Team and Technology Expertise

Your decision of choosing a tech stack will largely depend upon your team’s expertise unless you’re considering outsourcing.

However, if you’re on a strict deadline, outsourcing might be your best bet.

Here is an additional tip: Check if your tech stack has a strong community for developers and if you can get reference documents from Stackoverflow or Github. This would come in handy when you’re stuck on a particular tool or tech stack.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Your job is not complete simply after releasing the application, you must regularly update it. And, the ease of Upkeep and Maintenance depends on the tech stack you have chosen.


Having reusable, easy-to-maintain, and shortcodes are much easier to maintain and developers can significantly cut the amount of time required to debug, review and process the codebase.


The reusability, portability, and scalability of your application depend upon the Software architecture. Depending on your needs, you must choose tech stacks with dynamic or static configurations. Choosing the right architecture will help your app perform seamlessly when you add new features or as the user base widens.


Last but not the least, the cost of your tech stack plays an important role when choosing one. You can choose a relatively cheap one, but it may not have all the necessary features. Choosing a tech stack your developers are familiar with and which comes at an affordable price tag would be ideal for most web projects.

From ideation to implementation, TeckPath is your friend, and guide throughout your web project journey. Join hands with our team, and let’s create the web project you’ve dreamed of!

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