EDR vs Antivirus – Which one is better for your business?

Endpoint Detection and Response, Antivirus, Antivirus Solutions to regulate digital threats
When we talk about business networks, threats lurk everywhere. With cybercrime showing no sign of slowing down, the dramatic rise has disrupted countless businesses and industries. With even more sophisticated cyber-attacks emerging in the market, it can be hard for companies to decide the best out of so many security measures.


Since the late 1980s, businesses have been relying on Antivirus Solutions to regulate digital threats. AV software works on a signature matching concept to compare files against an identified database of “bad” files. When it finds a similar match, the said file is recognized as a risk. Organizations shouldn’t consider antivirus software programs as the universal guard against all network viruses and malware. Since AV defends against known web threats only, it may miss detecting a new malicious code whenever a scan is performed.

On the other hand, EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) surpasses this limitation and relies primarily on behavioural analysis to protect endpoints. EDR is the go-to security solution.


Endpoint Detection and Response, or “EDR,” is a famous term in the dictionary of cybersecurity. It helps in detecting and investigating suspicious activities across all the digital endpoints. An endpoint includes laptops, workstations, mobile devices, servers, or almost anything connected to your organization’s network perimeter. Higher the number of endpoints, the greater the chance of attackers finding a way to enter and disrupt your business operations. With a growing number of security risks like ransomware and viruses creating breaches and data loss, EDR is becoming the preferred technology to deliver better network security.

In comparison to traditional Antivirus, EDR surely costs more. Many companies balk at the additional expense required to incur, but the risk of not deploying an effective security solution can be catastrophic.


While protecting your enterprise from cybercrimes, you may face the need to choose one out of both security solutions. This guiding rule will help you decide how to choose between the AV program and EDR strategically.

  • Human resources: This department normally holds confidential personally identifiable information (PII) on its systems and network. In case a cybercriminal gets access to this information, business and individuals could experience terrible damage. Here, EDR becomes the obvious choice to stop such attacks in real-time before they create harm. The high risk and potential cost involved justifying the need for EDR.
  • Marketing: Here, a marketing head may probably hold important files but no PII on their system. For this reason, a combination of AV, disk encryption, and backups could provide a solid layer of defence.
  • C-suite or other executives: This department falls under the highest risk category from a breach. This is due to possession of both PII and extremely valuable business data stored on their machines. You would require EDR not only to protect but recover the data.


With the rapidly changing technology, digital threats are also evolving. One needs a solution that can combat these everchanging cybersecurity challenges. At TeckPath, our team of threat hunters follows a proactive approach to eliminate risks and make your networks as secure as possible. TeckPath Endpoint Detection and Response specialists deploy up-to-date endpoint technologies, real-time threat intelligence to eradicate threats that no other solution can catch!

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