7 Common Document And Collaboration Problems That Can Easily Be Solved

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Most businesses nowadays have their websites and internal networks, with more features incorporated as the company evolved.

While streamlining processes and sharing knowledge were the goals, many company executives have discovered that, due to incompatibilities across different systems, their staff are experiencing a wide variety of typical document and collaboration challenges.

We’ll examine seven of the most typical problems with documents and collaboration that businesses describe when they want to modernise their infrastructure.

And these are:

  1. Unable to see the most recent version of a document due to its repetition and the difficulty to delete older versions. People are confused as to which iteration of the document is the latest.
  2. Unintended overwriting of a crucial document.
  3. Documents are frequently misplaced, resulting in wasted time spent looking for them.
  4. There is a lot of confusion in the naming standards for documents.
  5. Permission to access documents might be complicated.
  6. There is a lack of guidelines for client communication and document sharing.
  7. Users have no way to get their hands on commonly used files like form letters and resumes.

How Can You Rectify These Problems?

The excellent thing is that with the correct technology, you can quickly fix all of these issues. One solution to these issues is to use Microsoft’s Sharepoint, a very capable multi-purpose programme.

All of the aforementioned problems with documents and teamwork are addressed by this dynamic programme.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: Sharepoint’s powerful capabilities also include the ability to assist your organisation concentrate on assignments, streamlining marketing initiatives, and providing comprehensive and collaborative documentation across many departments.

Problems with documents are a thing of the past thanks to Sharepoint, which also makes collaboration much simpler.

With Sharepoint, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally saving an older version of a document or losing track of the current one. Documents with identical names can be uploaded to Sharepoint without issue, and the built-in version control feature will let users know which one is the most up-to-date.

Several team members, including those located in different countries, can work on a single document at any given time, and all of the changes made to the page can be traced. Since all of the edits are in plain view, there is no room for doubt about which version of the file is the most up-to-date

There is also no way to accidentally delete crucial information by rewriting a file, since you may “roll back” to an earlier version at any time. The renaming of files is as easy as right-clicking on the file and selecting “Rename” from the menu that appears. Also, making use of boilerplate papers is simple if their use is valued by your company.

A “Forms Library” can be created for this purpose if there is a significant demand for it in your company.

Restrictions ensure that only authorised individuals have access to private information, and you could also provide clients accessibility to just the files they require.

And if you can’t remember what the document is called, Sharepoint’s search function can help you find it in the Content Library by looking for the terms you input beside the magnifying lens symbol.


It’s possible to damage your reputation and lose the faith of your superiors and stockholders if you misplace crucial business documents. You might lose your job in the worst event, but even if that doesn’t happen, your reputation with your stockholders would suffer. So, all things considered, it’s best to have a solid multi-purpose application like Sharepoint to help you.

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