Azure Virtual Desktop – What Is It, And How Does It Help Reduce IT Costs?

Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 11, Windows 10, Azure Gallery
Some of you may already be aware of the widespread use of virtual desktops in many companies today. Companies are increasingly using Azure Virtual Desktop, commonly known as AVD, to adapt to the digital evolution and reduce expenses. Using Azure Virtual Desktops, your whole team can securely access the data and services they need on their own devices. This saves time and money while also enhancing staff productivity.

What Is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Traditional virtual desktop setups have proven difficult to implement and prohibitively expensive. Companies had a tough time setting them up and maintaining them. Large server resources were required to run virtual machines. As a result, most small and medium-sized enterprises lacked the resources necessary to operate virtual desktops in-house. Azure WVD makes this possible for all organizations by making it accessible and inexpensive.

Azure Virtual Desktop is a cloud-based desktop and application virtualization solution. You get the benefits of a virtual desktop but with the same resources and support your employees are already familiar with, making it an ideal solution.

Here are some of the things you can accomplish using Azure Virtual Desktop on Azure:

  • Make an advanced Windows 11 or Windows 10 setup that provides a complete Windows experience while maintaining scalability and reliability.
  • Demonstrate Microsoft 365 services for Business and optimize them for usage in multi-user virtual environments.
  • Offer free Additional Security Updates for Windows 7 virtual desktops.
  • Use any computer to access your current Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Windows Server workstations and applications.
  • Create virtual desktops and applications.
  • Unify the administration of desktops and applications running on various versions of Windows and Windows Server.

Key Highlights

You may create a scalable and adaptable environment using Azure Virtual Desktop, which has the following capabilities:

  • Make use of your Azure membership to set up a complete desktop virtualization environment without the need for any gateway servers.
  • Use the Azure Gallery to try out your images or bring your own for production tasks.
  • Personalize ownership with persistent desktops.
  • Reduce costs by automatically altering capacity according to the time of day, certain weekdays, or fluctuations in demand with autoscale software.
  • Create app groups, allocate users, and distribute resources using the Azure interface, Azure CLI, PowerShell, or REST API.
  • Use built-in authorized rights to assign roles and gather diagnostics to identify configuration or user issues.

How Does Azure Virtual Desktop Save You Money?

Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) minimizes users’ expenses by decreasing Infrastructure, Licensing, and Labor costs.

Windows 10’s multi-session feature allows for substantial savings in computing resources, and the AVD service has now taken the place of the complicated administration needs of previous RDS/VDI implementations. AVD is free with many pre-existing licenses, and RDS CAL licenses are no longer required.

By shifting from IaaS to PaaS, fundamental operations like broker/gateway/web access are no longer required, decreasing the administrative burden.


Companies of all sizes can benefit from this service. AVD comes in handy for companies that have a mix of internal and external consultants, a requirement for fluctuating quantities and types of desktops, or all of the above. If you’ve previously considered deploying a virtual desktop but were put off by the expense or complexities, now is the time to give it a try!

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