Migrating to the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud
Migrating to the Cloud.

The transition from the physical environment to the cloud has seen phenomenal progress, in recent times. As companies strive to augment the pace of migration, new challenges arise.


_To bridge the gap between physical and cloud infrastructures.
_To manage over- provisioning of cloud infrastructure and runaway costs.
_A lack of knowledge and visibility of what assets an organization has and uses.
Companies need to adopt the new approach to applications, delivering infrastructure and end user access. Given the fact that migrating to the cloud can be, to many, a daunting task; a couple of key points can guarantee a smooth ride.

Migrating to the cloud


1. Begin by using the cloud for net new workloads.
2. Moving workloads will help acclimatize to the new way of working, thus ensure that IT understands the environment of working.
3. Prioritize the applications that are considered most important to be hosted in the cloud.
4. Access and tier according to business criticality, demarcate the virtual and physical zones of your environment.
5. Identify critical components such as specific networking requirements or physical systems.
6. Understand the assets you have before moving.
7. Select a provider best posed to address your needs.
8. Use cloud- based disaster recovery, particularly if the cloud service provider enables self- service DR management and testing.
9. Moving legacy systems which are reminders of an older time, to the cloud can be beneficial to the businesses.
10. Ensure transparency and visibility of systems so as to keep costs within normal budgets. Try to understand additional costs and SLAs.
11. Get advisory and architecture advice before transitioning.
12. Check and understand on- boarding training and support and customer support.

Although managing cloud workloads can introduce fear with respect to costs and performance, tt also undoubtedly, enhances freedom to broaden strategic initiatives. Cloud Migration provides digital transformation across the business.

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