Beware of the Copyright Infringement Scam on Facebook

Copyright Infringement Scam

The digital age has made sharing content easier than ever, but it has also opened the door to various online scams. One such scam that has been circulating on Facebook involves fraudulent copyright infringement claims. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself from falling victim to this scam, what the scammers are after, and how to report such incidents to Facebook.

What to Look For

  1. Suspicious Messages or Emails: You may receive a message or email claiming that your content on Facebook has infringed on someone else’s copyright. These messages often come from seemingly official sources and might include threats of legal action or account suspension.
  2. Links to Fake Websites: These messages usually contain links that supposedly lead to more information or a resolution process. However, these links often direct you to phishing websites designed to steal your personal information.
  3. Urgent Language: Scammers use urgent and alarming language to create a sense of panic, urging you to act immediately. Phrases like “Your account will be deactivated” or “Immediate action required” are common.
  4. Requests for Personal Information: Be wary if the message asks for personal information such as your Facebook login credentials, email address, or financial information. Legitimate copyright claims do not require this information.

What Scammers are Looking to Get

  1. Personal Information: The primary goal of these scams is to collect personal information that can be used for identity theft. By obtaining your login credentials, scammers can gain access to your Facebook account and any associated personal data.
  2. Financial Gain: Some scams might request payment for a supposed fine or legal fee. This is a red flag, as legitimate copyright claims do not ask for money upfront.
  3. Access to Your Network: By hijacking your account, scammers can also reach out to your friends and followers, spreading the scam further or using your account for other malicious activities.

How to Report the Scam to Facebook

If you encounter a suspicious message or email regarding copyright infringement, it’s crucial to report it to Facebook immediately. Here’s how:
  1. Do Not Click Any Links: Avoid clicking on any links provided in the suspicious message or email.
  2. Report the Message:
    • On the Facebook website or app, go to the message or post that you believe is a scam.
    • Click on the three dots (or the “More” button) next to the message.
    • Select “Find support or report post.”
    • Choose “Scams and Fake Pages” and follow the prompts to submit your report.
  3. Forward Suspicious Emails: If you receive a suspicious email, forward it to Facebook’s security team at [email protected].
  4. Change Your Password: If you suspect your account has been compromised, change your password immediately. Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and Login, then click “Change password.”
  5. Enable Two-Factor Authentication: This adds an extra layer of security to your account. Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and Login > Use two-factor authentication, and follow the instructions to set it up.
  6. Inform Your Friends: Warn your friends and followers about the scam so they can be vigilant as well.


Scams involving fake copyright infringement claims are designed to exploit your fear and urgency. By staying informed about the telltale signs of these scams and knowing how to report them, you can protect yourself and others from falling victim.

Always be cautious with unsolicited messages, verify the authenticity of claims, and safeguard your personal information online.
Stay safe, and happy browsing!

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