Role of Technology in Building An E-Commerce Platform

Role of Technology in Building An E-Commerce Platform, Information Technology, E-Commerce Portals, Digital Supply Chain

Technology Paving the Way for Next-Generation E-Commerce Portals

With the advent of information technology, businesses have immensely transformed their infrastructure and processes leading to improved productivity. When talking specifically in regard to e-commerce platforms, information technology is rightly considered the backbone of e-commerce. It not only helps in connecting sellers and consumers on mobile and web portals but also ensures effective management of payments of purchased goods, deliveries, customer orders, and returns.

With innovative tech tools and software, one can also achieve personalization and improved search queries, which are essentially becoming the “must-have” functionalities for e-commerce triumph.

Top Technologies Revolutionizing E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce businesses are giving serious thought to adopting those technologies that provide customer satisfaction, instant query solutions, and 24/7 assistance. Let us discuss some top technologies transforming the development of e-commerce platforms.

Greater Connectivity and Demand

Smartphones have radically changed the way consumers live and shop. As mobile usage and its penetration increases in the market, users demand better quality services at the click of a button. Add to this the 5G mobile connectivity hype, users across the world are going to experience a reliable and faster mobile internet experience. This will give a boost to mobile e-commerce shopping.

Digital Supply Chain

On-time and quick delivery still remains the differentiating factor for businesses operating in the e-commerce space. Modern technologies offer great automation opportunities to gain a competitive advantage and maximize profits.

Personalization with Artificial Intelligence

Commerce vendors have understood that customers exhibit greater loyalty when each one is treated as an individual rather than a part of a generalized target audience. This gave rise to AI-powered technology that drives a high degree of customization. Many AI companies are joining hands with e-commerce portals to devise unique solutions for a personalized user shopping experience.

Secure Payment Services

A secure and convenient payment system has become a vital value proposition that e-commerce vendors use to attract customers. The high degree of digital security has bestowed users with new confidence to join the online shopping bandwagon. This has led to the unprecedented growth of the e-commerce market.


Chatbots are quite in rage due to their ability to provide solutions to a potential customer’s inquiry day and night. Their widespread application in e-commerce cannot be ignored. Recognized for their wide-scale availability, chatbots have become crucial as it frees up employees from answering queries 24/7 over the phone and instead focus on other urgent matters.

TeckPath – The Trusted Partner for Building E-Commerce Platforms

For companies looking to hire a reliable agency to build their eCommerce platform, TeckPath promises nothing but the best! TeckPath has been assisting small and medium-sized businesses to big scale companies with its app and custom web portal development services. The e-commerce software’s deployed by our experts helps to build a custom platform where core customers engage and interact. We create fully functional portals that have the power to create your community of clients, launch campaigns and promotions, organize reward programs, and easily attend user enquiries.

Top Web Technologies for E-Commerce Web Development

At TeckPath, we believe that e-commerce websites and apps should be feature-rich. Hence, we utilize the latest web technologies for eCommerce web development.


WooCommerce is undoubtedly the most hyped free e-commerce plugin that enables the selling of products rapidly and easily. TeckPath WooCommerce development services have helps businesses of all sizes

in setting up their e-commerce store, expand product reach, and collect payments swiftly.


Our team of Shopify app development specialists has been relentlessly working with store owners to build custom Shopify apps that perfectly fits their need. Shopify custom plugin provides all tools and services that one needs to kickstart and grow a business in no time!

Final Words

As more business owners embrace digital technologies to capture new target audiences and establish unique online shopping experiences, eCommerce is getting a great boost! Technology has made itself an indispensable part of the growth of eCommerce platforms.

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