Soc2 compliance and why is it essential for cyber security providers?

Soc2 compliance, Audit
Today, businesses are growing at an exponential rate. To keep up with the steady growth, companies are outsourcing important operations to third-party vendors such as SaaS or cloud computing providers.

If data is shared without cybersecurity, then it might make businesses susceptible to attacks such as malware installation, extortion, and data theft.

This is where the SOC2 audit comes into play.

SOC2 audit, developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), evaluates the safety of data as it is shared, stored, and controlled in the cloud.

It essentially certifies the trustworthiness of data transmission over the internet.

What is SoC2 compliance?

All enterprises that clear the SoC 2 audit receive distinguished SoC 2 compliance.

SOC2 is unique to each enterprise and considers the needs and requirements of the business.

Why do you need SOC2 compliance?

SoC2 compliance is carried out by independent auditors and evaluates customer data protection based on five trust service principles.

These principles are:

  • Security: This indicates how system resources are protected from unauthorized access.

Our security tools such as web and network application firewalls (WAFs), intrusion detection, and two-factor authentication make sure that you have all the security you need.

  • Availability: This refers to how easily the system services and products can be accessed as per the service level agreement.

Proper Network performance availability and monitoring, security incident, and site failover are necessary for good availability.

  • Processing integrity: This addresses if your system fulfills its objective i.e., delivering the correct data at the correct price and time.

It also shows that your data is authorized, timely, accurate, valid, and complete.

You can improve data processing integrity by adopting quality assurance processes and

Monitoring the processed data.

  •  Confidentiality: This shows if the transmitted data is only received at the desired end.

The best way to improve confidentiality is through encryption. Our application and network firewalls and constant access control will protect data stored and processed on systems.

  • Privacy: This criterion evaluates whether the system’s processes comply with the privacy policy of the enterprise and the Generally Accepted Privacy Principles (GAPP) established by AICPA.

The most important type of information is Personal Identifiable Information (PII), which includes sensitive information such as Name, race, health, sexuality, and social security number.

Effective controls are required to protect PII from unauthorized access.

Stages for SOC 2

Connect with a SOC2 Provider

This would help you understand the unique standards that must be met for your enterprise.

Select the scope of SOC2

This refers to the essential condition that is valued by the end user. You need not include those which are not important according to the end user requirements.

SOC2 Service Approach and Auditor

Choosing the right approach and an auditor might be daunting. Choose an auditor that doesn’t lock you in, so that you would have the flexibility to choose what is right for you.

SOC2 Readiness Assessment

This shows if your enterprise is ready for a SOC2 audit. It is a pre-audit to check all the requirements.


In this step, the auditor is trying to ascertain whether your claims are true or not.

You’ll require an average of 100 “evidence requests” for around 85 specific controls to check their validity.

SOC2 System Description

This showcases the details of the company procedures and processes, sets out the scope, and lists out the different controls and procedures adopted for validation.

Issuing Report

The business applying for SOC2 certification will officially get it once all these procedures are completed. The Service Organization must showcase the certificate to the end user.

Winding Up

Our SOC 2 practice is divided into three primary categories. Gap analyses, temporary audit support, and a comprehensive SOC 2 management program are the three primary aspects.

Some businesses may need a fast gap analysis to see if any controls are missing. Others would rather we take care of every stage of the SOC 2 procedure on their behalf.

Cyber Security Services is your representative for all SOC 2 audits, whether you need us for the whole year or just a little time.

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