What Important Data Security Steps Should You Take After A Breaching Incident?

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A data breach is one of those things that most businesses with an online presence fear to death. The effects of an online data breach could set the business back for days, months, or sometimes years, depending on the magnitude of the breach.

As the proverbial saying goes, “it’s how you respond to a situation that shows your character”, the reputation and value of your business after a breach depend on how well you react to it.

To help you save face in the unfortunate event of a data breach, Teckpath has compiled a list of things you must do!

Collect Information

First things first, make sure a beach has happened. Scammers will send messages prompting an account breach, without an actual breach to steal your data. Update and train your staff on the latest data breaches.

Once a breach has happened, ascertain the seriousness and cause of the breach. If this feels like too much, take the help of IT security providers, who’ll give you an accurate report of the breach including – the cause, vulnerabilities in the network, how to rectify it, and much more.

Containing The Damage

Once a data breach is confirmed, make all efforts to stop any further breaches and data leakage. You can do this by eliminating the hacker, patching your system, and retaining evidence showing the breach.

Proper containment strategies will eliminate the breach from spiraling out of control.


After containing the breach, notify third parties such as financial institutions and banks. By doing this, you’re freeing your account from any further fraudulent transactions. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can protect yourself from any liability.

Understanding the proper legal requirement of the breach is also important. Form a team to address and respond to the breach and develop an action plan. Also, make sure to notify the proper law enforcement agencies in the event of a breach.

Now take the news of the breach to your customers and employees. Don’t swallow important details to save face but rather be honest and open. You can also lay out the steps you have taken to mitigate the breach.

Change Your Passwords

Once your system is safe and locked down, make it a priority to change all the current passwords.

You shouldn’t make things easy for hackers by using simple passwords. Go for a robust one with 7 – 10 digits with a combination of symbols, numbers, and lower case and upper case letters

Improve Security

Restructuring your existing infrastructure is crucial if you want to prevent further breaches. A breach could be external or internal. This means you should not only worry about outsiders hacking your system but also about cunning insiders.

Educating your employees, installing encryption software, and protecting passwords and email accounts are some of the ways you can improve your security.

How Can TeckPath Help You?

Our team of security specialists at TeckPath is available to help with all things related to data.

We immediately identify the cause of the problem and provide you with useful guidance on how to safeguard your company going forward.

Don’t depend on speculation! Obtain professional assessment and correction.

The best defense is the one you take before a breach. The best and least expensive approach is prevention.

Your hardware, software, devices, and workstations are all safeguarded by our Managed IT Security services. Our experienced staff will relentlessly safeguard your priceless data while continuously managing and overseeing your account.

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