Technology Roadmap

A technology roadmap defines the new IT tools and technologies that will help to transform your company into a high-performing IT enterprise.

It communicates your plan — technological initiatives and goals to be executed in alignment with your business and growth strategy.

It allows you to visualize the evolution of your technological assets, avoid technical debt, and analyze what new tools would be needed to implement in the future.

All companies rely on a wide range of technologies to support and sustain their business processes. Hence, the overall IT infrastructure and a technology roadmap must be planned to keep in mind the new requirements and existing needs.

At TeckPath, we strategize technology roadmaps that help our clients survive turbulent times and quickly adapt to the technology landscape changes.

The comprehensive framework becomes a benchmark for measuring the success of current and past technical initiatives. When we partner with you, we can dispel a lot of technical uncertainties across departments and get everyone aligned with the company’s objectives. This high-level of planning creates a valuable strategic framework where one can effectively prioritize technology enhancements that could be developed internally or achieved via outsourced associates.

Below mentioned are the types of technology roadmaps offered by TeckPath to support business continuity.

  • Internal IT Roadmap

An IT roadmap tailored for you will deliver insights into the existing state of your internal IT processes that are tied to the overall company success.  With a plethora of tools, technologies, and apps that your business uses to run its daily operations, it is essential to measure its effectiveness and need for upgrades.

  • Infrastructure Roadmap

An IT Infrastructure roadmap is the foundation to achieve digital transformation. It ensures that your infrastructure remains up-to-date at all times. You would never find yourself in a position where you lack the infrastructure — be it security or storage — to implement the new applications or technologies.

  • Architecture Roadmap

This is a strategic plan that charts out how the enterprise infrastructure will evolve to achieve organizational agility, efficiency and prepare for market competition. With a high-level plan for growth, we will work on laying down a timeline to show the progression from the Existing Architecture to the Target Architecture.

  • Software Roadmap

With the great amount of software used by every company, this roadmap becomes an invaluable tool to manage your software solutions and freeze budgets needed to stay ahead of the competition. It provides a high-level overview of the software development process needed to make future decisions.

  • Internal Systems Roadmap

IT systems roadmap is managed by the keepers of IT—be it an operations manager or a dedicated IT team. This type of technology roadmap helps to check on the when and why of what’s happening to IT. It demands input from every stakeholder to enable the administrators of tech to recognize the needs of each function from their technology stack.

  • Hardware Procurement Roadmap

With a hardware roadmap, we will guide you to not only take into consideration the need to update or dispose of outdated hardware, but also the need to invest in new hardware systems. We specialize in sensitive data storage or destruction of hardware before sending it for disposal.

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