Why Migrate from On-Premise to Azure

Migrating on-premise IT infrastructure, services, and workloads to the cloud has been the top trend in recent years. Quick digital transformation has seen the adoption of cloud technology become the norm across all industries. However, with so many cloud providers claiming to offer the best cloud services, the lingering question is, “which is the most suitable option?” Microsoft Azure is one of the preferred options since it provides services like PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS. On top of that, Microsoft Azure has other offerings, such as web development, computational workloads, big data management and analytics, and machine learning. The following reasons demonstrate why companies should consider Azure when migrating from on-premise.

1. Flexible scaling

Microsoft Azure cloud is simple to scale down or up. The pay-as-you-go model means consumers only pay for the services and resources they access and use. It eliminates the need for investing in extra on-premise infrastructure to allow for increasing workloads. As such, using Microsoft Azure permits organizations to manage IT budgets better, leading to cost savings and enable them to access whichever resources they need.

2. Easy accessibility

Microsoft Azure provides the freedom of accessing data and hosted applications from any place and at any time. Migrating to Azure eliminates the access challenges of on-premise setups, where users must be physically present to access vital resources. 24/7 access enables employees to be more flexible since they can work remotely, thus boosting productivity levels.

3. Strong security

Strong security is a crucial requirement in today’s volatile cybersecurity landscapes. On-premise infrastructures have weak security since they are accessible to all. A natural disaster like floods and fires can lead to untold damage since they may destroy all aspects. Azure, however, uses the Azure security center to detect threats, monitor user activities, and generally ensure the maintenance of healthy security postures. Daily backups ensure the availability of critical data, while implemented access controls preserve information or application integrity and confidentiality. Besides, Azure data centers have robust physical security measures to protect them from both human-made and natural calamities.

4. It is highly flexible.

Unlike most service providers, companies can deploy Azure as a hybrid platform. Businesses can decide to migrate to Azure and use cloud resources alongside the existing on-premise infrastructure. A hybrid system provides customers the best advantages of both sides. With Azure being available in at least 140 countries, it perhaps offers flexible and complete cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes.

5. Easy integration

Most companies use Microsoft operating systems, products, and tools. To facilitate more natural integration of Azure cloud and on-premise data, applications, and workloads, Microsoft repurposed on-premise software for use in cloud environments. These include Office products, Windows Server, Dynamics Active Directory, SQL Server, and SharePoint. As a result, businesses that rely on on-premise Microsoft products can tightly integrate them with Azure cloud offerings.

6. Quick and easy configurations

While system administrators in on-premise solutions would require hours to plan, install, and configure new virtual machines, the case is different in Azure. Companies can easily create new virtual machines in minutes when using Azure since it provides pre-configured solutions that only require a little tweaking to meet the resource demands.

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