Home Office Setup (COVID-19) Business Continuity Plan

COVID-19, Business Continuity Plan, Home office setup

In the wake of the COVID-19 discovery, a lot of sudden changes have happened: schools and universities are closing, mass gatherings have been canceled, and the government is pushing companies to implement ‘Work From Home’ strategies.  This pressure can cause a large strain on employees to ensure their jobs are not in jeopardy while they juggle keeping their kids at home and continuing quality production for their employer. Not only does this stress out the public, but CEO’s of both corporations and small businesses alike are worried about how these very abrupt changes will affect their momentum, profitability, and employee morale.

With that said, there are many positive outcomes to allowing employees to work remotely, and seeing those positives can help ease the concern of the weeks to come.  Remote employees don’t have a lengthy, stressful commute, and can set enough breaks throughout the day to feel charged and focused, instead of burning out by lunch.  The goal of these COVID-19 lockdowns, is to keep people healthy — and we know healthy employees contribute to a healthy business. However, even with the positives, you may still have doubts: What about supporting my employees remotely? What if I don’t have a plan to guide me through this?

The great news is, TeckPath is here to help! We have the strategies and tools to support you and your business goals, and carry progress forward through changing times – even with COVID-19.

TeckPath Support and Monitoring

Whether you have decided to close your doors for a few weeks, or are considering it in the near future, you probably have a lot of concerns – How will employees get set up properly at home? What about security concerns with employees working remotely with sensitive customer data? How will they receive IT support going forward?  TeckPath has you covered with TECKcare Remote Support Services. Here’s just a sampling of what we offer:

  • Server and Workstation Connectivity Troubleshooting to help your employees get set up
  • Remote Dial-up for technical support
  • SSL encrypted highly secure remote connection

Click here for more of our TECKcare Remote Support Services.

Hardware Support

TeckPath is here to also offer you hardware support, as your needs may increase with not only the number of employees working remotely, but a variety of hardware needs, as well. You want to make sure your remote employees have everything they need for a comfortable and efficient work environment. In the event of a rapid uptick of hardware needs due to COVID-19, we offer laptops and desktops for your employees to use for their home set up. We know that phones are still a valuable part of a remote workstation, and offer cost-effective VoIP phone services, as well. Our services also allow you to operate a remote call center from anywhere in the world, which means your customers, whether consumers or businesses, can get the help they need and trust in your brand to be there to support them through trying times.  We also offer unified communications from a single interface with Microsoft Teams, so your face-to-face interactions can continue without a hitch.

With a lot of fluctuation revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic, managing your business during this time should be as consistent as possible

With TeckPath, you can trust our unparalleled support and services. We’re here for you and look forward to propelling your business through the upcoming year! 

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