How to Switch IT Service Provider During COVID-19

As the restrictions for containing the spread of COVID-19 disease begin to lift, businesses in most parts of the world are also starting to reopen. The pandemic has seen companies lay off many employees and a decline in productivity. Besides, the situation has massively affected the relationships between IT service providers and customers in ways, such as managed and outsourcing service agreements and stricter requirements on personnel locations. Therefore, a significant number will be seeking to switch IT service providers to meet the increasing needs as most businesses base their models on technology.

Identify a suitable provider before making the switch.

Rushing to leave the current IT service provider without identifying a suitable replacement can affect business operations significantly. Companies should avoid this by first reviewing IT providers, depending on technological and security business requirements. A thorough review of research and feedback from other businesses can help identify the most suitable service provider. A list containing the non-negotiable IT requirements can facilitate faster and more efficient identification of an appropriate provider. The list should include a comparison of the services offered in the present arrangement and the industry-specific services the business requires. Only then can an enterprise determine a service provider offering the required IT needs.

Retain control of the IT infrastructure

Outsourced IT service providers usually full administrative access to all IT assets and corporate networks. Before making a switch to a new provider, a company’s in-house IT staff should ensure to retain administrative credentials used to access the system infrastructure. At the same time, they must ensure to revoke all access privileges to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of data and IT infrastructure. Make sure to log the password and login information to enable the new service providers to efficiently discharge their responsibilities.

Perform an extensive security check

Once an organization outsources services to the new IT providers, it must collaborate and perform a detailed security audit of the IT systems and networks. The inspection is essential since it reveals existing backdoor access points. Furthermore, a security audit will enable the IT provider to become familiar with the IT infrastructure layout, patch identified security weaknesses, and address all pressing security challenges. A security check ensures the company and IT provider begin a reliable IT service agreement. It also reassures that there won’t be security concerns once the business terminates the arrangement with the outgoing service provider.

Provide timely information to all stakeholders

Company IT resources affect all business operations, and in extension, the performance of individuals relying on them to discharge their roles. Therefore, to optimize the switching process, ensure all team members and stakeholders remain updated on all impending changes. The company leadership should meet with employees and provide reasons informing the need to switch. They must also explain the new protocols and the expected changes regarding IT support and delivery. Informing the teams ensures everyone is on board with the coming changes, facilitating an optimized and smooth switchover. Also, ensure to provide sufficient notice to the current IT provider once the company is ready to make the switch.

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