Top 5 Programming Languages For Developing Mobile Apps In 2022

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Whether you use iOS or Android, mobile apps are integral to your smartphone-using experience.

These days, even start-ups and small businesses are developing their apps for a unique user experience.

However, if you’re looking to develop an app, you should know that not all programming languages are suitable for app development.

To help you figure out the best programming languages for apps, take a look at our curated list of the top 5 best programming languages for apps.


  • Undoubtedly, JavaScript is the most used language on the internet.
  • The popularity of JavaScript has increased as a result of the development of several frameworks like Angular, jQuery, Vue, React.js, and Svelte.
  • JavaScript is relevant even if you do not use Java frameworks, several other libraries are built on JavaScript.
  • It is also the best language for client-side verification.
  • Additionally, the nice thing about JavaScript is that it is a language that can be used to design mobile applications, front-end servers, and back-end GUIs.
  • You can also create cross-platform applications for mobile devices running Android and iOS using the well-liked JavaScript frameworks.
  • JavaScript is a fantastic option due to its widespread appeal and popularity.
  • Java
  • Another useful, productive, and popular programming language is Java.
  • Although Java is generally a server-side programming language that is used to build reliable backend systems, it can also be used to develop Android applications.
  • By building a Java backend, you can also create Android applications.


  • Swift deserves serious consideration if you want to create iOS applications for the iPad and iPhone.
  • It has displaced Objective C as the go-to language for creating iOS applications.
  • Swift is similar to Python and is the official programming language for iOS, which is a good enough reason to use Swift.
  • It offers a fantastic self-contained IDE termed Xcode that is easy to use if the workspaces you use include a library.
  • Swift is a type-safe language that is simple to read, comprehend, and write code in.
  • Kotlin is a programming language that offers native support and is supported by numerous IDEs, including IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.
  • It is a very modern language with clarity, and brevity and enables the use of lambdas for functional programming.
  • It receives good support from the community and has many useful tools.
  • Kotlin is marketed as the successor of Java, although it is not quite there yet.
  • However, Java compiles at a speed that is two to three times faster than Kotlin.
  • The main benefit of Kotlin is that Google will continue to promote it as the official language for developing Android apps.


  • Google created the general-purpose, object-oriented programming language Dart as an open source language.
  • The syntax of Dart is in the “C” manner, and it may be trans compiled into JavaScript.
  • Both client-side and server-side web development make use of it.
  • Dart is also used for cross-platform and native mobile programming.
    Apps for both mobile and web can be developed on Dart and they have a supportive community

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